A good way to dress up anything up is to put a fun and sparkly sticker on it! With Silhouette’s glitter paper and cutting machines, you can easily create and customize your very own glitter stickers that you can add to a bunch of different surfaces. Follow this tutorial to see how you can make your very own!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Prepare the Design to Cut

1. Open Silhouette Studio®. In the Page Setup panel, change page size to Letter. Then go to the Registration marks tab and turn on registration marks by setting the style to Type 1.

2. Open the “Feeling Good” design (Design ID#271648) by locating it in your library and resize it. Add other designs and place them on the working space but make sure they don’t overlap the registration marks borders. Also don’t place your designs too close to the corners with the registration marks. Glitter sticker paper has gray corners for the printed registration marks, and part of your design may be printed on the not glittery surface if you put the designs too close to the corners.

Step Two: Print & Cut the Designs

1. Feed the glitter sticker paper into your inkjet or laser printer. Make sure you print on the glitter side.

2. Place the printed sheet on your mat and feed it into your Silhouette machine.

3. In the Send panel, choose “Sticker Paper, Glitter” as your material type. Make sure your Silhouette machine will just cut out the outline of your shapes by selecting the Cut Edge option. You might want to increase blade settings by 2 and keep speed 5, force 10, 1 pass. Adjust your blade if necessary and send your cut job to your Silhouette machine. (Tip: If your machine is having trouble reading the registration marks, try manually moving the blade over the black square using the blue arrows in the Send panel.)

4. Remove your sheet from the cutting mat, and peel away your designs.

Now you have glitter stickers and you can decorate your laptop, phone case, planner, and more!

What are you going to dress up with your new glitter stickers?