Where are my scrapbook paper fanatics/hoarders at?! I know you’re there, and I KNOW you have saved a ton of paper scraps thinking that one day you will use them for some project. Well, today is your lucky day because you not only will be making an adorable handmade card but will also finally use those paper scraps! And once you do, you can replenish your stash and buy more cute paper. I told you today would be your lucky day!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Start with PixScanTM

  1. Place four medium-sized paper scrap pieces (about 4.25 in. x 3 in. each) onto the PixScanTM cutting mat.
  2. Capture an image of the mat and materials using either a scanner or digital camera. For this project, I used my smartphone camera (TIP: Be sure to take a photo of the entire mat. Ideally, the photo should be straight on from above. NOTE: If you need to calibrate your smartphone’s camera, follow the steps in this post).
  3. Click the PixScanTM icon in the upper right corner in Silhouette Studio® and follow the on-screen instructions to import your image.
  4. Open up Silhouette Design ID#69055 and right-click to ungroup.
  5. For this particular card project, resize the main envelope piece to be approximately 2.4 in. wide and resize the envelope liner piece to be approximately 1.5 in. wide.
  6. We need only four main envelope pieces and one envelope-liner piece.
  7. Move the envelope pieces as necessary so that they fit your medium-sized paper scrap pieces.
  8. Proceed to cut as usual. Yes, you will cut using the PixScanTM cutting mat! Isn’t this such a neat multi-use accessory?

Step Two: Create Card Pieces

  1. Fold envelopes:
    • Peel off the cut envelope pieces from the PixScanTM cutting mat and fold any perforated lines.
    • Fold the side flaps of each envelope, place a little adhesive tape on the inside bottom flap, which you will fold up and press down firmly.
    • For only three of the four envelopes, place a little adhesive on the inside top flap, fold down, and press firmly.
    • You should have three mini closed envelopes and one open envelope!
  2. Cut out red hearts:
    • Open Design ID#1030 in Silhouette Studio®.
    • Delete the larger heart and resize the smaller heart to be approximately 0.35 in. wide.
    • Replicate the heart shape so that there is a total of three hearts.
    • Using red cardstock, send the cut to the Silhouette machine with the proper cut settings.
  3. Create a little note to be tucked in the open envelope:
    • Cut a small rectangular piece of white cardstock (1 in. tall x 1.25 in. wide).
    • Handwrite a cute message with the black felt pen.
    • Put a little adhesive tape on the back of the note and insert the note into the open envelope.
  4. Squeeze a small dot of glue at the center of each folded envelope, and place a cutout heart on top.
  5. Cut white cardstock to make a 5.5 in. tall x 8.5 in. wide rectangle. Take the left side and fold it across to make a 5.5 in. tall x 4.25 in. wide folded card.

Step Three: Assemble Card

  1. First, lay out the four envelopes towards the top half of your folded card to determine roughly where your stamped message will go.
  2. Remove the four envelopes for a clean and empty surface and then stamp your card.
  3. Next, use the Pick-Me-Up® tool and craft glue to place rhinestones around the stamped message.
  4. Lastly, use adhesive tape to adhere the envelopes onto the card and that’s it!

This was my first time using the PixScanTM cutting mat, and it most certainly will not be my last time. Not only was it super easy to use, but it also saved me a ton of time whereas, in the past, I used to try to place multiple pieces on my cutting mat and guess where my cut designs should go in Silhouette Studio®. The PixScanTM cutting mat is the way to go. Efficiency for the win!

For all the paper fanatics out there, what will you make with your paper scraps using the PixScanTM technology?