If you’re looking for a final touch to complete your patriotic party planning, this project is for you! These firework straw toppers are super quick and easy to assemble. This project is great to prepare before your event begins, or you could set up a crafting table with materials to make these during the party. How fun would that be?

This firework design is by Amy Robison, the queen of party planning! She has so many awesome files on the Silhouette Design Store. Check out her shop here! We used red, white, and blue colors for this project, but feel free to customize this project to your liking. We think that adding these straws to vintage soda bottles really brought the whole project together. Let’s get crafting!


Step 1: Cut Out the Firework Shapes

This firework design is so simple and easy! Once you have purchased the design from the design store, open up a new file in Silhouette Studio. We decided to use the Cameo 4 machine because we were using 12 in. x 12 in. cardstock, but you could create this project on letter-sized cardstock to cut it with the Portrait 3. We opened up the design by double clicking it in our library. Amy left a few instructions in the actual file. Delete those and drag your pieces onto the mat. We were able to fit two sets on each page by copy & pasting the pieces and arranging them below the original set.

We cut the pieces with the “Cardstock, Textured – Heavy” settings. Simply load the material into the machine and send it to cut. If your cardstock doesn’t cut all of the way through on the first try, send it for another pass before unloading the sheet, or adjust your cut settings.

Step 2: Assemble the Pieces on the Straws

Carefully remove the pieces from the mat. We like to flip over our mat and slowly peel the mat away from the pieces. This gives you a nice, flat pieces that is ready to glue! Start out with the smaller of the two pieces. Place a small dot of hot glue at the bottom of the thinner side. Put your straw right on top of the glue, leaving an inch of the straw above where the cardstock piece starts. Let it dry completely.

Once the glue is dry, slowly wrap the rest of the piece around the straw. As you are nearing the end of the piece, secure it with another dot of hot glue. The two dots are strong enough to hold the project together. Repeat the process with the larger piece on top of the smaller one.

Step 3: Expand the Firework Pieces

Starting on the outside layer of paper, gently pull away the cardstock pieces of the firework to create your firework. These can tear easily, so be careful and don’t pull them too hard. Slowly work your way to the inside of the project. Move the pieces around until you achieve the final look that you desire. There is no right or wrong way to create these fireworks, which makes it a great craft for everyone!

At this point, you’re done! We added an extra touch to our soda bottles by adding a bottle wrapper, which is totally optional. Simply place the firework straws into your favorite beverage and enjoy!