Hey—do you know what today is? It’s the International Day of Happiness! I know, it would be even happier if it was a bona fide holiday, but we’ve gotta work with what we have. Ha!
I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump lately, so I’ve been searching the web, looking for inspiration. In honor of today, I thought I would share with you five projects here on the blog that just, well, make me happy!

This Beautiful Mug

Maybe it’s the colorful vinyl on white, the font, or just the message but—I love this mug. It speaks to me because, well, I’m not a morning person by nature. And as my husband can attest, I’m a little grumpy sometimes. Janet does an excellent job explaining how to use the arc tool in Silhouette Studio® to create designs like this one. Go check out the post here.

These Showstopping Bracelets

I just love leather bracelets. They are the only kind I will wear on a regular basis. It’s because I type a lot and the clattering of a metal or plastic bangle just drives me up the wall. These bracelets by Carrie are exactly the kind I like to wear. Low profile, timeless, and best of all, they are an easy DIY project! You can find the steps to create one of these beauties in Carrie’s post here.

These Fancy Planner Stickers

I am an avid planner, and there is nothing more tedious that having to rewrite the same appointments/events repeatedly each month. Enter this gorgeous set of planner stickers. This set makes me happy because I like the light, airy colors. Also, they look so put-together inside a planner, and I love a good organizational system! Erica’s post explains in detail how to Print & Cut these lovelies to spruce up your planner of choice. You can find the instructions here.

This Lovely Jar

What could be happier than saving up for vacation? Making a jar like this one by Emily! I really like the color choices and the simplicity of this project. And, as she mentions in the post, you can customize the vinyl to match just about any type of destination. Full disclosure: I made one of these jars to save up to go to Creativation in Arizona next year. Will I make it? Only time will tell, but this little jar makes me happy to tuck away my airfare. You can check out Emily’s post on how to make this project here.

This Gorgeous Wall Hanging

I don’t usually make a lot of fabric projects; I tend to stick with paper, but I really like the color combination on the fabric that Erica used for this project. I would hang this in my craft area and it would match perfectly. Well, except for the clean part, ha! I love how simple and neat-looking the design is. You can read how Erica made this pretty piece of home décor here.

There are so many other projects here on the blog that are sure to create a little joy; it’s hard to pick just a few. What are your favorites? Search our blog and tell me which projects bring a smile to your face!