The Silhouette Studio® software can use any font installed on your computer that can otherwise be seen in word processing programs (such as TTF and OTF files). You do not need to download these fonts separately into the Silhouette software. Fonts installed in your computer’s fonts directory will show up as an available option for cutting letters once the Silhouette software is opened.

You’ll find all fonts on your computer in the Text Style panel, where you can see Frequently Used, Recently Used, and All Fonts. Please note that some fonts may not be designed for optimal cutting, so be aware that not every font style will cut well with the Silhouette.

While you can get font files from many online locations, Silhouette offers fonts through the Silhouette Design Store. Simply go to the Design Store and search for “fonts.”

Or set your filter for Fonts and pick a search term like “script” or “handwritten” to narrow your choices for that filter.

You’ll find a selection of fonts offered that can be purchased and downloaded to your computer. These fonts will generally be available in your other software programs, too. Fonts purchased in the Design Store will be immediately available in the Silhouette Studio® software. Fonts that are downloaded from other sources and installed while Silhouette Studio® is open will be available once you close and then re-open Silhouette Studio®.