We have an artist today we are so excited to tell you about. FoxSister SVG adds such a fun flair to our Design Store. We can’t wait to tell you more about the artist behind the designs.

Anastasiya is a UK-based illustrator and graphic designer. She joined the Silhouette Artist team over a year ago and now has over 500 various designs. She has a great love for paper and vinyl cutting. Her designs really lend them selves to these two mediums. When it comes to designing, she believes in digital templates that are different, high quality, and easy to use. These are absolutely three things we would use to describe her art.

Design ID# 268415, 291449, 269698,

She primarily works from home, which is in picturesque and rainy Cambridge, England. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? If she isn’t working from home, she can be found sketching on the go, while traveling and seeing the world.

After buying her first cutting machine, she discovered she couldn’t always find the exact designs she needed for her projects. Necessity led to invention and she decided to start creating her own.

Over time she built up a collection and decided to start offering her designs to fellow crafters. We are so happy she did! All FoxSister designs are original and start out as hand drawings and are very detailed. Which we absolutely love. Later the sketches are carefully translated into a digital format.

Design ID # 302541, 302542

She aims to create fun and unique designs, which often include animals, people, wreaths, mandalas and florals. And she loves a good old-fashioned fairy tale, literature in general, and different quirky things.

The Cameo 3 is her go to Silhouette machine. The ease of use and the accuracy of the machine are major draws for Anastasiya.

Design ID# 268393

Among her accomplishments, Anastasiya has illustrated children’s books. She is inspired by other illustrators in the field. Some of her favorites include; Rébecca Dautremer, Shaun Tan, and Vladyslav Yerko. Their visual narrative is so intricate and distinctive. “You never know what’s on the next page!”

She also has a Bachelors’s degree in Illustration and is very grateful for the opportunities to work in different design sectors like editorial and children’s books illustration, marketing, and events. As a child she always wanted to be an artist; she drew, painted, and cut out paper designs, filling the house with small paper-cut creations. Today,she designs detailed templates so others can fill their houses with their own unique creations. She loves knowing that FoxSister designs have their own journey and become a part of someone’s special project. We do too!

Design ID #269706, 269709, 270321

We are so happy to get to know Anastasiya with FoxSister SVG a little better today. We cannot wait to see what designs she comes up with next. Have you purchased any of her designs? How did you make them your own? Let us know in the comments below.