Go for the gold—Silhouette Printable Gold Foil that is.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on this gorgeous foil, what are you waiting for? The holidays are just around the corner and gold is everything!

But don’t worry, you still have time. I’m going to show you a few projects I did using the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil and hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration for the upcoming holidays.

Vintage Gold


I am a flea market freak and I cannot for the life of me pass on a perfectly colored globe. I always wanted to put a quote on one of my vintage globes and I thought this white globe would compliment the gold foil well.

I was surprised how well it adhered to the globe. Of course, you have to clean your globe free from dirt and dust (especially if you bought a vintage one). Since I want to keep this quote on the globe permanently I will probably put a clear matte coat on top.

Bohemian Dinner


I think what’s best about being a crafter and having a Silhouette CAMEO® is being able to make anything you want that will fit with your style. For this wreath place setting, I used design ID #50482.

To make the wreath, I chose 4 different cardstock designs to make the leaves. I also added some gold foil leaves and a front banner (both made with the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil).

Not only will your guests be impressed that you worked all day on the Thanksgiving dinner, your guest will appreciate the time you took to make a personalized place setting. (But we all know it’s easy-peasy with the help of our Silhouette CAMEO®!)

Be Thankful


And let’s not forget the best thing about this gold foil—it’s printable. How cute are these thank you boxes? Your guests can take a box home after a full Thanksgiving meal.

The world is your oyster people, and the color is gold. I hope these projects give you an idea of the vast capabilities of the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil.

What project ideas do you have for the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil?