Are you curious about the ES Mat? This is new and innovative technology released with the 2023 Silhouette cutting machines! The ES Mat (Electrostatic Mat) holds materials in place by generating a static electricity field beneath the material’s surface. No sticky cutting mat necessary!

This post focuses on the ES Mat for the Cameo 5. However, ES technology functions the same for flatbed models (i.e. Curio 2) and roll-through models (Cameo 5 and Portrait 4). The 12 x 12-in. ES Mat is compatible with both the 12-in. Cameo 5 and the 15-in. Cameo 5 Plus.

What is an ES Mat?

The Electrostatic Mat attachment for the Cameo 5 (sold separately in white, black, or pink) makes loading and unloading materials cleaner and easier than ever before. It allows you to cut a variety of materials, including delicate materials, without damaging them while removing them from the mat.

The ES Mat has an electrically conductive network that builds up static electricity to hold materials in place during cutting. Because the material can be held without an adhesive mat, it is now possible to cut materials without damaging them upon removal. Additionally, when unloading the cut project, there is no tearing or curling, and clean-up is a breeze. 

You will always use an Electrostatic Protection Sheet on top of the ES Mat. These are clear consumable sheets that can be replaced as they wear out.

Basic Steps to Use the ES Mat

  1. Remove the front cover of the Cameo 5 to expose the electronic terminal.
  2. Connect the ES Mat securely to the machine so that the terminal of the machine and the terminal of the ES Mat are aligned.
  3. Place the electrostatic protection sheet over the ES Mat and place your media on the protection sheet, aligning it with the mark on the top left corner and the left edge of the ES Mat.
  4. Press the ES Mat power button, give it a few moments to charge, and smooth your protective mat and media down so no bubbles are present. The media is secured by electrostatic suction.
  5. Ensure the pinch rollers are in position so they sit above the transparent film on both sides of the mat.
  6. Slide the base of the mat into the machine so the transparent film is against the left and right rollers, and press the Cameo load button.
  7. In the software, make sure to choose “Electrostatic Mat, 12 inch” as your Cutting Mat selection in Page Setup.

For more information, see the Electrostatic Mat Product Manual.


The electrostatic hold allows materials to be held in place with exact precision and control without the need for any adhesive mat. Whereas a traditional adhesive cutting mat might cause some materials to tear or curl as they are being removed, electrostatic adsorption can enable thinner, more delicate materials to be cut without damaging the material upon completion.

Compatible Materials

Successful electrostatic adsorption (the pull strength required to hold materials in place properly during the cutting process) requires a solid, non-porous material surface. Materials such as lightweight printer paper and film materials are excellent candidates, along with many materials offered by Silhouette.

The Electrostatic Mat works best with smooth, non-permeable materials.

Textured materials (such as cardstock with heavy texture on both sides), crepe paper, fabric, felt, and leatherette are not compatible with the ES Mat. You should continue to use a sticky cutting mat for these materials.

Compatible Machines

Electrostatic technology is compatible with the following machines:

Older Silhouette machines are not compatible with ES Mats because they do not have the electronic terminal and physical connections built in.

ES Mat 3D snowflake

See the ES Mat in Action

Want to see the ES Mat in action? We’re continually adding new content to our social media channels and YouTube, so be sure to follow and subscribe to Silhouette America to see our machines used for real projects. Here’s a first look at the Cameo 5 ES Mat in a Craft Along class with Kelly Wayment.

We hope you’re excited to use the new Silhouette ES Mat!