With the holidays just around the corner, we want to show you how you can use glass etching cream and your Silhouette machine to add any design you want to glass. Grab all the supplies listed and follow the steps below to frost your glass accordingly.

Supplies Needed:

1. Open the Fall Frame design (Design ID#229474) in Silhouette Studio®. Resize it and add a circle around your design. Make sure you have plenty of room along the sides of your design to protect the surrounding glass. (Note: If you don’t, you can place painters tape around the outside of the vinyl to prevent any etching cream from getting on the glass.)

2. Load the stencil vinyl into your Silhouette machine. Select “Vinyl, Glossy” as your material in the Action panel, adjust the blade to the suggested settings, and click “Send” in the Send tab.

3. With the Silhouette hook tool, carefully remove the design from the vinyl so that you are creating a stencil with the negative space. This can be a bit tricky because it is different from what you would normally do with vinyl. So shift your thinking a little bit and make sure you remove the actual design.

4. Apply the transfer tape over your design and use the scraper tool to remove any bubbles. Lift the transfer tape with the design on it, and make sure all the pieces of the stencil adhere to the transfer tape. Remove the vinyl backing.

5. Apply the adhesive side of the vinyl to clean, dry glass. Smooth the vinyl over the glass with the scraper tool to remove any bubbles.

6. Once you have the vinyl really secure, peel away the transfer tape. Make sure all the pieces of the stencil remain on the glass.

7. Using the scraper tool, apply a thick and even layer of etching cream to the exposed glass. Let the cream set for 30 to 60 seconds. Wear protective gloves when working with the glass etching cream, and don’t get the cream in your eyes!

8. After you let the cream set, carefully scrape the remaining cream back into the bottle. Wipe any residual etching cream away with a paper towel and wash the glass thoroughly.

9. Peel the vinyl off the surface of the glass. Remove any fingerprints from the glass with glass cleaner.

Congratulations on finishing your glass etching project!

Tell us about the projects you’ve made with the glass etching cream.