Whether you’re going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve or ringing in 2020 in the comfort of your own home, everyone deserves a little extra sparkle! These glitter star party hats are just the right amount of glam and super simple to put together—a step above your typical party hat. Wishing you a wonderful new year!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Design

1. Insert the party hat into Silhouette Studio® and cut out of cardstock—this file doesn’t require any adjusting!

2. To make the stars, create or insert a variety of star shapes into Silhouette Studio®. I like using the Flexishape tool because it gives me so much creative liberty to adjust them exactly how I like! Adjust the size of of the stars to range between .5 inches to 2 inches wide.

Step Two: Assembling the Party Hats

3. To put together the party hat, simply tuck the three tabs into the slots. Apply glue for extra security.

4. Hot glue each individual star onto your party hat, varying the colors and sizes used or creating a unique pattern. Completely up to you!

5. Add twine or ribbon to the hat, tying knots at the holes on either side to secure the hat onto the wearer.