Do you go all out when it comes to Halloween decor? Do you tend to decorate with friendly ghosts or creepy crawlers? These critter canisters are super simple to create and make a spooky display without being too overt. Just use matte, removable vinyl so that after the ghouls are gone you can easily remove the designs.

Materials Needed:

Step One: Formatting Your Design

1. Insert your designs into Silhouette Studio®. Ungroup the bugs and the scorpions so you can choose which ones you want and resize them to your desired dimensions. Arrange them to fit on your mat.

2. To size your images appropriately, measure your canisters or vessels and size your design to be slightly smaller. Load your machine with black matte vinyl and cut!

Step Two: Applying your Designs

1. Unload your vinyl and cut around each critter to make it easier to weed. Then weed all the small details and negative space.

2. Then place a piece of transfer tape over the vinyl design and smooth with the scraper tool.

3. Remove the paper liner so the image is now on the transfer tape and then apply the image to your canister. Smooth with a scraper tool and carefully remove the transfer tape.