This hand-painted wood sign is the perfect edition for any wedding or reception and is a sweet reminder that two families have become one!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Create the Design

  1. Depending on the size of wood sign you use, create your design and wording. For this sign I used the Ballerina Script font (Design ID #157063). I typed out the saying that I wanted. “Today, two families are becoming one. Please pick a seat and not a side.”

  1. In the Text Style panel, I centered the text. I then created a new text box and then put the bride’s and groom’s names and their wedding date down at the bottom with a simple font.
  2. I wanted to add a little color and used Design ID #171844 and added these cute flower flourishes as an accent to the design.
  3. Since the design is larger than 12 inches, I decided to cut my design into 3 18-inch sections, and that helped me line things up on the board perfectly.

  1. I resized my design to the size of the wood board I was using and divided the design into 3 sections and resized them around the text, making sure I did not go over 12 inches per box.
  2. I opened a new page in Silhouette Studio® and copied and pasted the first box to the new page. I loaded the 12-inch Oracal 651 into the CAMEO, selected “Vinyl, Glossy” as the material, and clicked Send.
  3. Repeat this process for the other two text boxes.

Step Two: Painting the Wood Sign

  1. Weed the parts of the vinyl you would painted. For the letters, remember to keep the centers of the letters. 
  2. Instead of using stain and waiting for the stain to dry, I like to water down some acrylic paint and applying that to change the color of the wood. The watered-down paint dries quickly.
  3. Once the design is fully weeded, apply the transfer tape. Carefully apply the vinyl or stencil material to the piece of wood. The vinyl is cut to the size of the wood, and that makes aligning the wording easy and accurate.
  4. Choose the paint colors and apply the acrylic paint lightly and evenly. The paint will dry quickly, and you can reapply the paint 4 or 5 times, depending on your preferences. Carefully peel the vinyl or stencil material while the acrylic paint is still wet. Seal the wood if desired.

This type of stenciling can be used for any hand-painted sign! What type of sign will you hand paint?