Today I want to share how to use your Silhouette to create a stitched title on a scrapbook layout as well as how to cut the inner pieces for the back of the cut file, and how to have your machine cut out a shaped photo. So there are lots of fun techniques in this one tutorial!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Download, Open, and Cut the Design

1. Go to the Silhouette Design Store and purchase Design ID #291732.

2. Go to your Silhouette Studio® Library and open the design.

3. Load the cutting mat with white textured cardstock into the machine and change the settings to reflect the material, tool, speed, and force. I’m using “Cardstock, Textured – Heavy (80lb)” with a Ratchet Blade set to a depth of 6, a Speed of 4, and Force of 30. Then click the Send button. It takes about 15 minutes for the design and holes to be cut. I unloaded the dishwasher while it was cutting—multitasking at its finest!

Step Two: Add Hand Stitching and Print & Cut the Photo

1. Carefully peel the design off the mat. I recommend using an older mat so it comes off easier and won’t risk tearing the delicate design.

2. Hand stitch with white embroidery floss (I use all six strands for ultimate texture!) through the pierced holes.

3. I did a chain link stitch through all the holes and it took about 8 hours. I brought this stitching project with me on a recent trip and did the stitching between classes – a perfect way to pass the time and get a layout started!

4. I created a new 8.5 x 11″ Silhouette Studio® document for printing and added registration marks for printing and cutting. Add the inner heart piece to this document.

5. This next step is one of my favorite things about the Silhouette! Simply drag and drop a photo into the shape and the shape is automatically filled with the photo!

6. Send the image to your printer.

7. Your printer will print the photo and the registration marks which is how the Silhouette machine will know exactly where to cut out the shape! Align the printed paper on the left and top edge of your cutting mat.

8. Back in Silhouette Studio®, send the design to be cut.

9. You’re left with a perfectly cut out heart photo! I could cut it out by hand, but it wouldn’t be as nice and clean as having the machine do it for me. So cool 🙂

10. The photo heart fits perfectly behind my die cut/stitched title.

Step Three: Back the Cut File

1. Rather than cutting all of the backing pieces by hand, I have my machine do all the hard work for me. It just takes a few minutes and steps of preparation. First, copy and paste the design into a new Silhouette Studio® document and ungroup the image.

2. Delete everything except the inner pieces of the letters. We already backed the heart, so you can delete those pieces too.

3. Move the pieces around so there is a bit of room around each shape.

4. Open the offset tool and create an offset border around each shape. I decreased the size a few points.

5. Delete the inner original shapes so you’re left with only the offset bits.

6. Turn on the grid and then move the pieces around to fit in sections that can easily be cut. The “L” fits in a 4-inch-by-6-inch grid, the “V” fits in a
6-inch-by-6-inch grid, the “E” fits in a 5-inch-by-6-inch grid grid, and the smaller pieces at the top range from about 1-inch square to 3 inches by 1 inch.

7. Pick the patterned papers that you want to back all the open shapes.

8. Trim the patterned papers to mirror the grid of what’s shown in Silhouette Studio®. (The measurements are listed in step 6.)

9. Use liquid adhesive to attach the backing pieces in place. Gently move and nudge the cut piece as the liquid glue is drying to reform its original shape.

10. Flip over the backed cut file to reveal the fun results!

Step Four: Embellish the Layout

1. Choose a background patterned paper for your layout then apply a thin layer of white gesso across it. Let it dry or speed up the drying process with a hair dryer.

2. Pool water on top then drop and splash watercolors into the water.

3. If the paper gets warped, run it through a laminating machine a few times to flatten it.

4. Add clusters of die cut flowers with varying depths of adhesive around the letters.

5. Finish by writing journaling around the heart.

I hope this tutorial inspires you to try out some of the fun things your Silhouette can do! It can pierce stitching holes, cut out shaped photos, and cut pieces for backing designs to help you create an eye-catching and memorable layout!

Check out the process video to see how this page came together from start-to-finish:

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!