Cari here with you today & I’m super excited to be sharing a project that I made this fabulous “I love you” design.  You are going to love this design!  I was thrilled with it when I got it and my mind was racing with a million ideas!!


I decided to create a heat transfer image for a pillow cushion to put on our bed.


supplies|Cari Locken for Silhouette copy




Silhouette CAMEO®

Heat Transfer (silver)

Iron & pillow cushion





  • Open up the design in your Silhouette software.  Resize the image for the project you are crewing.  I sized mine to approximately 11 1/2 in.  x 4 in..
  • Make sure your page settings are set correctly (I chose a page size of 12 in. x 12 in.).






  • Flip design horizontally or in other words mirror the design image. When using heat transfer you must always remember to mirror your image otherwise when you iron it on to your project it will appear backwards and you don’t want that!






  • Rotate the design.
  • I needed to do this because the heat transfer I was using was only 9 in. wide.  If you’re using the 12 in. wide heat transfer, you don’t need to this.






  • Head to the Cut Settings window and select “Heat Transfer Material” then make sure to change the depth of your blade.

cutsettings|Cari Locken for Silhouette



  • When using the Heat Transfer or Vinyl products you can adhere them to a cutting mat or feed them right into your Silhouette.  I chose to use a mat because I like the stability of it.

heattransfer:mat|Cari Locken for Silhouette copy





  • Once the design is cut you will want to trim closely around the image.  Weed out the unnecessary parts.

weeding|Cari Locken for Silhouette copy

weeding2|Cari Locken for Silhouette copy



  • You will then be left with your cut out design.

heattransferimage|Cari Locken for Silhouette copy





  • Place the design (right side facing up – so you can read it) where you want it on your project, place a light tea towel over top and then iron the design onto your project.


NOTE: Make sure to read the instructions that come with your heat transfer material for appropriate heat settings and length of time to keep the iron on the design. I move my iron around rather than leaving it one place.


And don’t forget the towel, otherwise the plastic will melt and stick to your iron–and you don’t want that!

centeredimage|Cari Locken for SIlhouette copy



  • Once the heat transfer is adhered, peel off the plastic. Be careful when doing this and be sure that the design has completely adhered to the fabric.  If not, just place the tea towel back over top and iron it a bit longer.

peeloff|Cari Locken for SIlhouette copy



Here’s a close-up of the fun silver color.

close2 copy

cushion2 copy