Hey everyone! Are you getting spring fever like I am? Where the weather teases you with a beautiful warm day and then dumps snow a day later? Well that’s how it’s been for me this spring so far!

With my kids itching to play outside again, the chores around our house tend to get forgotten. As a solution, I created a fun magnetic chore chart for them to have that would motivate them to work hard so they could then play hard! Printable Magnet Paper makes doing chores a little more fun, (or a little less un-fun), especially when sweet treats are involved.

Let me show you how you can make your own interactive chore chart using the Printable Magnet Paper.


You Will Need:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® (or Portrait)
  • Personal Printer


Step One: Edit Your Design


(1) Open Silhouette Studio with your page settings set at 8.5 in. x 11 in.

(2) Add registration marks.

NOTE: I like to add my registration marks before opening up my design because then I know what space I have to work with!

registration marks

(3) Open up your ice cream design (Design ID #42595)

(4) Right click on the design and select “Ungroup” so that we can work with each piece individually.

ungroup image

Step Two: Color Your Shapes


(1) Click the paint bucket icon and select your favorite color to fill the shapes.

(2) Add a pattern to the cone by clicking the dotted icon (Fill Pattern).

(3) Select a pattern.

I selected the butcher block pattern. I thought this one most resembled a cone!

fill cone


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure no one likes a one-scoop sundae, so we are going to add more scoops by

(1) Clicking on the ice cream scoop shape.

(2) Selecting “Duplicate.”


You can add as many scoops as you want for however many chores you’d like to be on the chart.



Now you can add color and fill patterns to your scoops to make them bright and tasty-looking!


For one of my scoops I chose a yellow and pink dotted pattern. However, the dots were too big for my taste so to change it in your Fill Patterns menu

(1) Click on “Advanced Options > Scale Pattern.”

(2) Play around with the amount.


The Scale Patter feature will shrink or enlarge those dots to whatever size you prefer. It’s like magic in my eyes.

scale fill pattern


Step Three: Add Text


To add your chores:

(1) Click on the text icon on the left-hand side. You can choose whatever font you like and size it to fit your cone.

add text

(2) Continue for the rest of the scoops.


To make the Chore Chart title:

(1) Draw with the Rounded Rectangle tool to create your title box.

(2) Add text to the shape in the same way we added the chores.

add title text



Step Four: Print & Cut


Once everything looks beautiful, you’ll need to print your design. 

(1) Place your Printable Magnet Paper into your printer so the ink prints on the white glossy side (this will depend on the kind of printer you have, so make sure you check!).

(2) Adjust your personal print settings.

(3) Print your design with the registration marks.


To cut out your newly printed design:

(1) Place your printed magnet paper onto your cutting mat.

(2) Make sure you line up everything as it shows on your screen.

(3) Load your mat into your machine.

place on mat small

In the Cut Settings panel, you will see all your cut lines show up on your design. Anything with a dark red line will be cut.

show cut lines


As you can see, our text will be cut and we do NOT want that!


To avoid cutting our text:

(1) Select your text by holding down your Shift key while clicking on each text piece.

(2) Select “No Cut” in the Cut Settings panel.


Now we should be left with just the outlined shapes being cut.

text not cutting


Now under Material Type:

(1) Select “Printable Magnet Sheet.”

(2) Change your blade to be at a 4

(3) Place it back into your machine.

(4) Click “Send to Silhouette”

cut settings window


Your machine will read the registration marks to know exactly where to cut.


Once your magnetic sheet is cut, you can pull the pieces out and place them on your magnet board. This material is wonderful because it’s thin enough to cut, but has a good magnetic backing that sticks right to your magnet board or fridge.

magnet backing small


Your child will have so much fun making a tall ice cream sundae as they complete their chores. Once they’re done, they can add the cherry on top and celebrate!

close up child hand small