You wake up in a cold sweat. Sitting straight up in bed, you realize something: there are only 3 more days until Christmas. Ahhhhh!

In all seriousness, I am here to calm your pre-Christmas nerves with five last-minute Christmas gifts you can make today. This way, you can check those last few stragglers off your Christmas list and actually enjoy the remainder of the holiday season!

1. Personalized Return Address Stamp


You’ll need:

If you have a Mint, you probably have some extra Stamp Kits on hand to whip up this special gift. Any personal touch you can add is sure to be appreciated by the recipient.

In my example, I’ve added a small orange tree to the stamp because the family receiving this gift has a citrus orchard. You can also choose to make a seasonal return address stamp by simply adding a snowflake or other winter accent. A personalized return address stamp makes a thoughtful (and useful) neighbor gift that is sure to be appreciated!

Further reading on Mint how-tos:

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2. Pillow Cover



You’ll need:

If you have any extra fabric on hand, this project is a breeze. Check out Pinterest for easy instructions to DIY a basic envelope pillow cover, there are even great no-sew options if you are sewing-challenged. As an alternative, you can run down to a craft store and pick up a premade cover and pillow insert. I used a positive quote for an uplifting home decor gift.

For instructions on how to apply heat transfer, go to the following blog post:

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3. Dish Towel


You’ll need:

For your sassy coworker who shops at Whole Foods, make these dish towels. They are easy to make, and everyone loves a good pun. The red and green flocked heat transfer material really gives this project a finished look. You can make just one towel or make a whole set. I picked up a 4-pack of white flour sack dish towels at Target for $3. Cutting the design and ironing it on the towel is quick and easy, so making this project is a cinch!

For instructions on how to apply heat transfer, go to the following blog post:

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4. Monogrammed Glasses


You’ll need:

Monogrammed glasses are classic and can cover a wide variety of people on your list. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to a simple monogram; you could pick any design and customize this project for anyone on your list.

For your neighbor who loves cats, etch a cat design. If your Grandma loves bingo, there is actually a perfect Bingo design.

You get the picture. You can etch anything your crafty mind can dream up for anyone that hasn’t been checked off your list yet.

A word of craft caution: this project demands the most attention to detail because etching cream is not very forgiving. It’s worth the effort, though. Just be sure to take your time and firmly press down on your stencil to avoid any etching cream from leaking through under the stencil.

For instructions on how to do glass etching, go to the following blog post:

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5. Etched Metal Sign



You’ll need:

For your best friend, make something uplifting—in both color and message! This hot pink etched metal sign is so bright and happy. It is the perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face. I always take the glass out of the frame on etched metal designs because the detail is too beautiful to cover.

For instructions on how to do metal etching, go to the following blog post:

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That’s it—five last-minute Christmas gifts you can make today. I hope this got your creative, gift-giving juices flowing and that you are able to check everyone off your list today!

What are some last-minute Christmas gifts you’ve crafted?