These tassel key chains are a cinch to make and look adorable on your key ring, purse, or backpack! We made these at the Cameo 4 Launch Party (Preorder now!), and they were a hit! You can customize them easily with your beads and leatherette color choices.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Design

1. Within Silhouette Studio®, create a 3-inch by 2-inch rectangle with the shape tool.

2. Then with the line tool create a 1.75-inch vertical line within your rectangle, leaving a 1/4-inch gap at the top.

3. Use the duplicate tool to create 27 lines total. Use the horizontal spacing tool in the transform panel to evenly space out the lines. This will make 28 individual fringe.

4. Group the design together and duplicate it to create as many tassel pieces that you can fit on your piece of leatherette.

5. Lay your leatherette onto a high-tack cutting mat, load into your machine, and select “Leatherette” as your material in the Send Panel.

Step Two: Finishing the Key Chain

1. Cut a piece of leather cord to a 6.5-inch length. Fold it in half a loop it through your key chain.

2. Thread three beads of your choice onto your leather cord.

3. Take a tassel piece and flip it to the backside. Place a dab of hot glue onto the upper left-hand corner of the tassel piece and secure your cord to the glue right below your lowest bead.

4. Begin to wrap your leatherette tightly around the tails of the cord.

5. Secure the end of the tassel piece with another dab of glue. Make a bunch to give to all your friends!