We are so excited to tell you a little bit more about the person behind Little Luxuries Loft. Alle is from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and she spends her time designing for the child within. She is drawn to design that is whimsical and light-hearted, and it shows in her work. Alle loves doing what she does because it makes people smile.

Alle has been a life-long crafter. She pursued her love of creating and designing and studied 3D animation at her university, but she gradually realized her real passion was in illustration and design. Like any artist, she draws inspiration from the things around her, namely Studio Ghibili and Pixar films and her favorite children’s book illustrator Lorena Gomez, whose bold use of color and playful characters inspires and delights Alle.

Design IDs #189715, 189709, 189712

Alle has been using the Silhouette CAMEO® since 2015, and she quickly became part of the Silhouette design team a year later in 2016. She has 363 charming designs in the design store. Her first 3D paper craft design was a mini hot chocolate cup for Valentine’s Day. Her most successful designs are often holiday themed, but she loves the freedom that comes with being a designer. She can create whatever she dreams up and challenge herself to learn and try something new with every design.

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We asked Alle what advice she would give to someone just starting out. She said, “It’s good to experiment as much as possible because you never know when something is going to click. Find your niche, and focus on what you can do differently.” She also wanted to encourage you to keep going. “The hardest part is starting something new and overcoming the fear of failure. Once you expect that trial and error are just a part of the creative process, the process becomes a whole lot easier.” Alle starts her creative process by having brainstorming sessions where she writes down every idea she can think of on a certain topic. When Alle does hit a creative block, she takes a walk. She feels that sometimes being in a different environment can change her way of thinking.

Alle’s highlight of her artistic career came this year when she was accepted for an artist residency at Redbubble in Melbourne. Redbubble is an online print-on-demand company that allows artist to sell their artwork on a variety of products without the headache of having to worry about production or distribution. “The residency was a wonderful opportunity that allowed me to work on my passion project—my first paper toy creatures book!” We cannot wait to see what she comes up with!

Design ID# 2521

When we at Silhouette contacted her about joining our team, she was happy to accept the offer because she had already been using Silhouette products and loved working with them. We are so happy to have her and even more excited to spotlight her work. We hope it brings a smile to your face like it does to ours. Go make yourself some darling print & cut crafts from Little Luxuries Loft and show us how you are going to use them!

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