It’s Valentine’s Day week! Bring on all the treats! If you have a festive get-together coming up, these pink flamingo cupcake collars are adorable and a breeze to put together. They’re also the perfect handmade touch to store-bought cupcakes! Make them in all shades of pink to create a whole flock of love birds.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Cut Out All the Pieces

1. Insert the design into Silhouette Studio®. Leave the file sized as is for standard cupcakes. Cut out all the elements in the different colors of cardstock.

2. This is a great time to use the Cut by Fill option in the Send panel! Just load your paper into you machine and only select that color paper option in the software.

Step Two: Assemble the Wrapper

1. If you’d like to add some texture to the wings, paint on a few patterns with acrylic paint. This step is totally optional.

2. Glue on the large beak piece and then the small. Then glue on the white eye piece followed by the black.

3. Glue on the wing.

4. Wrap around your cupcake and secure with the tab. If your cupcakes are smaller, you can use a bit of adhesive to overlap the edges.

5. These love bird cupcake wrappers are sure to bring a smile to all your valentines!