Are you planning a road trip this summer? Do you have small kiddos that need a little entertainment during the ride? Have I got a cute and easy project for you! It’s pretty quick to make, too—you can probably whip this up in between packing suitcases 🙂

My family and I usually head for the coast on the Fourth of July weekend to enjoy the fireworks, the beach, and, of course, the food. It’s about a two- to four-hour drive to get to Corpus Christie or South Padre Island from San Antonio. My kiddos are teenagers now, so they spend most of the time napping, chatting or playing games on their phones.

But if you have smaller children you’re gonna love this: I was searching through the Design Store, and I found the cutest paper doll and clothes sets. All you need to do is use the Print & Cut feature of the software to create the doll and whatever clothing you’d like to go with her. You could even do themes, such as summer sun clothes for beach vacations!

Note: Some pieces can be rather small. Use caution with very young children and resize your doll accordingly.

You will need:

1. Open Your Designs

Open the doll design and the clothing designs you’d like to make. They are already sized properly to fit the Lizzy doll, so if you do decide to make a larger set, make sure you resize everything.

Some of the clothes are pre-colored for you and others are simply outline shapes. Color them using your choice of solid color (or pattern!) using the Fill Tool. Assemble any shapes that need it; for example, the scuba gear set requires some assembly for the snorkel and fins. Make sure to group them once everything is colored, layered, and ready.

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls With Your Silhouette CAMEO

If you have trouble getting the shovel handle and bucket handle to look right, select the designs and right-click. Choose Make Compound Path from the menu that pops up to cut out the area in the middle of the handles.

2. Send to Your Printer

If you did not resize your designs, you could fit this entire project on one sheet of Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper. How cool is that?! Turn on your registration marks and arrange your pieces so that they are all inside the cut lines and hatch marks. Send to your printer.

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls With Your Silhouette CAMEO

3. Cut Your Design

Select the snorkel, fins, and bucket and choose Cut Edge. That keeps the black pieces from being cut out of the design. Select Printable Magnet Sheet from the menu and adjust your blade if necessary. Then, click Send to Silhouette!

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls With Your Silhouette CAMEO

4. Create Your Activity Kit

I picked up a magnetic bamboo panel from the office section of a department store close to my house. If you can’t find this type of board, use a small magnetic whiteboard as your play area. I liked that this panel came complete with little holes for a ribbon handle.

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls With Your Silhouette CAMEO

All done! A handle makes for easy transport, and the pieces will stay put on the board, so there’s no hunting for bits during the car ride. And the best part: the kiddos have an activity to keep them busy between snacks 😉

There is also a boy paper doll named Jacob that matches well with Lizzy, as well as fashion style dolls named Jane and John. Choose and create your favorites, grab a magnetic board, and you are ready to go. Safe and happy travels to you!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me today. Do you have any crafts you use to settle kids during a long road trip? Leave a comment below and tell me some of your favorite DIY car activities!

<3 Niki