Start the school year off in style, with this beginner sewing project. This pouch is just the right place to stash pencils and other school supplies, keeping everything organized and cute. The faux leather paper is great to work with because it never frays and is easy to sew. Don’t let the zipper intimidate you—stitching it to the paper is easier than you’d think!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Cut The Back Of The Pouch

  1. Start with Design #26510 and resize the rectangle to be 10 inch by 7 inch.
    2. Cut one piece of the Faux Leather Paper on the CAMEO to be the back of the pouch.

Step Two: Cut The Front Of The Pouch

  1. Make a cutout big enough for the zipper (0.5 in. by 7.5 in.) about one-third of the way down the rectangle using the draw a rounded rectangle tool
  2. Cut the second piece of Faux Leather Paper using the CAMEO to be the front of the pouch.
  3. Line the zipper up with the cutout and use a little glue stick to hold the zipper in place while you sew around the opening, securing the zipper in place.

  4. Align front and back pieces using a glue stick (sparingly) to stick the two pieces together along the edges. Stitch the front to the back.

There you have it—your very own pencil pouch for back to school! The best part is that the more it is washed and distressed, the more it takes on the appearance of real leather.

What would you fill this lovely little pouch with?