Hi there! My name is Cindy Pope. I am from Portland, Oregon where I have lived for 11 years. I am a recovering Certified Public Accountant turned Jewelry Designer. My Favorite Machine is the Silhouette Curio™. But I have a family of machines and I use them all for different projects. I started using the Silhouette CAMEO® in 2011.

Teaching, Crafting, And Using The Curio

I am best known for my work with metal clay and the Silhouette machines, but I have recently ventured into new areas, like tooling leather on the Curio and etching Faux Bone (a thermoplastic) and acrylic. I also travel to teach Silhouette Hands-on Intensives to small groups of students about in addition to presenting at the wonderful All Things Silhouette Conferences in Atlanta, Georgia.

I got my start when an award-winning artist and metal clay teacher Wanaree Tanner started using the Silhouette CAMEO® to cut metal clay. I saw a by demonstration by Wanaree online and immediately bought myself a CAMEO. I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back.

Creating Jewelry From Metal Clay

Metal clay is powderized metal (usually silver) that has a binder and water added to make it behave like a clay. It can be stamped, formed, carved, and rolled to create all different kinds of jewelry. Once it is fired in a kiln, the binder is burned away and pure silver remains to be polished and finished into fine jewelry.
My personal Style is a bit eclectic. I like movement in my jewelry. Curves and layers and lots of bling and texture. I love adding color. I get my inspiration from every medium. Paper arts give me lots of ideas.  I love origami, laser paper art, textures, sculptures, historic pieces and ceramics.

Mastering The Silhouette

I tell my students to watch the design session portion of my classes and then practice making the design every night for 15 minutes a night changing things up as they go. Once they can do the project without stopping to go back and watch the video lesson, they have got it down. I also have a private Facebook group for my students where I answer questions and we talk about issues and techniques.

Quick Facts About Cindy

Bagels or donuts?


Cake or pie?

Pie ( I make my grandma’s wonderful Sour Cherry Pie every holiday)

Dessert or main course?

I can’t decide, I love them both!

Interested in learning more about Cindy Pope? Visit her YouTube channel and check out her online classes to learn more

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