I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I grew up with my parents owning and running multiple businesses. Having owned two businesses of my own, I can tell you that the Silhouette Mint™ would have been a game changer for me—a game changer, I tell you! Prepare yourself to see just how amazing the Mint can be for small businesses.

One of my favorite things about this amazing little machine is that it is a standalone item. You do not need the CAMEO or the Portrait to make it work. It is very user-friendly. If I can make a stamp, you will be able to make a stamp too. This machine will add the perfect personalized touch to any business.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Determine Stamp Size

  1. There are seven sizes that vary from squares to rectangles and range in size from 15 mm x 15 mm to 45 mm x 90 mm. Once you decide on a size, carefully remove stamp contents from the box and plastic bag.

Step Two: Design Your Stamp

  1. Open Mint Studio™ and pick the size of your stamp. Design your stamp. The Silhouette Design Store has TONS of great option if you are looking for a particular design.  

Step Three: Print Your Stamp

  1. Click the mint leaf button on the top right. This is the Send to Mint button. Next click on the Start Mint button.
  2. Insert the stamp cartridge in the back of your machine. Be sure to leave the plastic covering on the black stamp pad, and do not bend the cartridge.
  3. Kick back and relax while your masterpiece is made!
  4. When the stamp cartridge makes its way out the front of the machine, the stamp creation process is complete. 


Step Four: Assemble Your Stamp

  1. Fold along the perforated line on the stamp cartridge and remove the black portion (this is the stamp). Stick the stamp to the stamp block that came in your kit.
  2. Add some ink and allow the stamp to sit for a few minutes. Do a few test stamps on some scrap paper to remove any of the excess ink, and then enjoy giving your product all the extra love it deserves.

Here are a few ideas that may work for your business!

Social Media Channels & Website

Nowadays it is so easy to be connected to your favorite businesses through social media. Social media provides such a great tool for small businesses. It is important for your customers to have your information readily at their fingertips; a social stamp makes that possible. You can stamp your information on a number of items! It looks great on this bag of purchased items here.


Return Address Stamp

Save your hands from writing this information over and over on the various letters you send out. This stamp is so practical!

Business ID Number

This is truly a handy stamp to have. I have found myself using it on any paper that is readily available. I always have this stamp with me when I am working so that I can always mark the materials I hand out to brand them as my own.

Gifts And Designs

You can get SO many cute designs from the Silhouette Design Store. Aren’t these lips perfect for lipstick distributors? The Mint can truly set you apart from your competitors.

Business Logo

This particular stamp serves such a big purpose. The possibilities of what you can stamp are endless, but here are a few examples: the back of signs or merchandise you make, envelopes or packages, bags, stickers, and tissue paper.


Fly to Address Label

Personalize and add character to all of the packages you send out from your small business.

Thank-You Stamp

Show that loyal customer just how much you appreciate them! This is a simple gesture that helps connect customer and seller.  

The sky’s the limit with this fun machine! Set your business apart with the Mint.

What stamp would you make first?