Mother’s Day is about two weeks, and no matter what you get your mom, grandmother, aunt, or other motherly figure, you want it to look sweet! These paper boxes are super simple to put together but will make your gift even sweeter.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Preparing Your Design

1. To begin, you can choose to paint an abstract pattern on your paper before cutting your design. Use a variety of colors to paint small brush strokes all over your paper. Let it dry.

2. Download Design ID# 38224 and insert into Silhouette Studio®. Resize the design to your desired size and send to your machine to cut with the appropriate settings.

3. If you’d like to include a monogram or name on your box, use the text tool to write out: Mom or M, or the first letter of your mother’s name. Send to machine to cut.

Step Two: Assembling the Box

1. Once your components are cut out, fold your box pieces along the perforated lines to create the 3D shape of the box.

2. Use adhesive to glue the flaps to the sides of the box to secure. Then select the heart and monogram you’d like to use to adorn your box.

3. Once you’ve placed your gift or treat within the box, tie the box up with a piece of twine.

Now no matter what you give your mother for Mother’s Day, it’s bound to impress!