Are you guys excited as I am about Mother’s Day?! Not only do I look forward to being pampered by my kids and husband, but I’m fortunate to hang out with my awesome mom and mother-in-law too.

So I wanted to create some meaningful handmade gifts, and the easiest project I can think of is making personalized candles.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Measure the Candle Canister

I made my circle labels at 3 inches because I want it to sit inside of the candle canister.

Step Two: Make Your Handmade Candles

There are a lot of tutorials online in regard to making candles, and some craft stores even sell candle kits. I promise you, candle making is super easy and you’re going to want to make more for holidays and everyone’s birthday.

Step Three: Prepare the Design

  1. Create a circle exactly to your measurements.

2. Create another small circle in the middle for the candle wick to go through. Then select both circles and center them.

3. There’s no doubt that all moms work hard for their family, so it’s only fitting to create this candle label for the Supreme Queens in my life. Oh, and I just love this watercolor-style feather.

4. Then I created 3 copies since I’m only making 3 candles. Don’t forget to add registration marks since this will be a Print & Cut label.

(If you’re not familiar with the Print & Cut feature, then I suggest you check out this cute project from Silhouette here.)

5. Print the labels on plain white cardstock. Then send to Silhouette CAMEO® to cut.

6. I also cut 3 more similar labels with Silhouette’s adhesive cardstock and attached it on the back of the printed label. This will make the labels thicker.

Step Four: Create Bows

  1. Cute and simple bows are my jam. You can tweak the shape if you like. I made mine a little fatter.

2. Once your Silhouette machine cuts out the design then you’re going to need your glue gun to shape your bow.

Step Five: Decorate Your Candle

As you can see I added a lace trim around the enamel candle. I just think it complements the bow and adds a different texture. Finally, I placed the candle labels on the top.

How will you customize your own candles?