Are you ready for some serious eye candy? We are excited to show you some sneak peeks into what we’ve been working on at Silhouette headquarters. Sit back and enjoy as we show you some projects made with a sampling of our yet-to-be-released selection of new Silhouette project materials!

Specialty Tattoo Papers

We are proud to reveal three new types of specialty tattoo papers for you play with–gold metallic, silver metallic, and white! Cut custom temporary tattoos to create stunning embellishments. Your Silhouette cutting machine allows you to cut intricately detailed tattoo designs that help you create a high-end fashionable look. Temporary tattoos apply easily with water, generally last a day or two, and can be removed with a washcloth and warm water.


Metallic Vinyl

Did you know Silhouette has metallic adhesive vinyl in both gold and silver?   Coming soon, we’ll be adding a whole new set of colors for your craft room.These shiny rolls of vinyl need to be on your desk! They give your project a stunning shimmer.  Time to get excited!


Reflective Vinyl

Take a look at our new reflective vinyl.  This is perfect for tricking out your gear with a custom reflective design.  This product is perfect for helping keep you safe but doing it in style!


Wood Vinyl

We are proud to release a line of specialty wood vinyl.  This adhesive vinyl is meant for indoor use and comes in ebony, maple, and walnut.  We will also be releasing a sampler pack that has all three colors. This vinyl will give your projects an organic look and is ideal for home decor projects.


Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Add a high-tech feel to your project with Silhouette Carbon Fiber Vinyl. This specialty vinyl is perfect for creating custom decals and designs for school, home and business projects. We will even have a sampler pack with a mix of colors to try!


Metallic heat transfer material

We are excited to add copper to our list of colors of metallic heat transfer materials! Add a metallic surface to your fabric projects with Metallic Heat Transfer Material. Each Metallic Heat Transfer Material color has a metallic reflective surface appearance to give your project vibrancy and make it really stand out. Heat Transfer Material is a film material which has a heat-activated adhesive backing, so it can bond permanently onto fabric. This means it can be applied onto various fabric surfaces, such as t-shirts, jerseys, or bags. Great for creating customized apparel, Heat Transfer Material is a professional-looking material that creates high-quality projects.


Glitter Sticker Paper

Make vibrant custom stickers with this printable glitter sticker paper. Silhouette’s Print & Cut feature allows you to print a design on your home printer and then use your Silhouette cutting machine to cut one-of-a-kind stickers for endless DIY possibilities!


Image Transfer Sheets

Image transfer sheets allow you to permanently add custom designs to outdoor or indoor surfaces to create a paint-quality effect. Simply print a design on your home printer, cut it out with your Silhouette cutting machine, and then apply to surfaces such as wood, tile, drywall, and more!


Embossable Foil

Use your Curio to impress custom designs into this high-sheen embossable foil. Each pack comes with silver and copper foil that helps you create one-of-a-kind embellishments for stationery, craft, and home décor accents.


Foil Transfer Sheets

Use your Curio to transfer high-gloss foil onto your project surface. Silhouette foil transfer sheets are perfect for custom stationery, invites, and more to help you add some shimmer to your project.
Silhouette Foil Transfer Sheets simply sit on top of your material surface and are then run through the Silhouette with an embossing tool. Wherever the embossing tool presses, your foil is transferred permanently.



You must be wondering, “Where and when can I get these materials?!” Our new 2017 materials will be released throughout the summer and fall both on and with your favorite Silhouette retailer.  We’ll keep you posted as each new product comes in stock!