I’ve got the easiest project for you guys today. It’s so easy you might have time for a nap when we’re done. How convenient that we are making a sleep mask to assist that nap!

Silhouette Leatherette Sheets come in three colors: black, cream, and gold. These sheets are perfect for this mask because their backing has a soft, felt-like feel so the mask won’t be uncomfortable to wear.  

Sounds cozy, huh? Let’s make one!

Supplies Needed:


For this mask I used Design ID #41139 and Design ID #157690 for the eyelashes.

Import the designs into Silhouette Studio® and resize them to fit whoever will be using the mask.

With the mask selected, grab one of the corners of the selection box and drag inward or outward to adjust the size. I actually moved the eyelashes onto the mask to make sure they will look proportional when it’s all finished.


When you think you’ve got the sizing right, cut each piece separately, as they will not be the same color Leatherette.

I used the cream Leatherette for the mask. After you’ve finished cutting out the mask, cut the eyelashes out of the black Leatherette so you end up with these pieces that are ready to assemble.


Just one more small step and we’ll be done!

Using a strong adhesive like E6000 (hot glue won’t work because the surface is too slick), glue just the top rim of the eyelashes onto the mask. Glue each end of the fold over elastic to the sides of the mask as well.

Honestly, it would be pretty easy to run the pieces through a sewing machine but since I deemed this a no-sew project I will glue it. Feel free to sew it if you would like!

Curl those lashes! To make the lashes stand out, after the glue was completely dry I simply rolled them back with my hand and held them for a minute.

All done! Nap time!

What have you made with Silhouette Leatherette Sheets?