We would consider Paige Evans to be an original Silhouette user. She has been a Silhouette user since 2011. For almost seven years, she has been creating, designing, and crafting amazing projects. When Paige was 16 years old she started scrapbooking, so she has been scrapbooking for half of her life now. Her first job was at a local scrapbooking store, and from there she has worked in all kinds of scrapbooking jobs. Her experience and talent have led her to become an in-house scrapbooker at American Crafts, where she has her very own designer collections with Pink Paislee. Last September, she began designing cut files for our Silhouette Design Store, and she adds 10 new designs every week! 

Pulling Inspiration

Paige has such a unique, fun style that she incorporates into all of her projects. We were dying to know where she grabs her inspiration from. Little did we know, Paige finds inspiration everywhere she goes. She walks around the city, goes in and out of stores, and of course, scrolls through Pinterest and Instagram, just like all of us.

Paige’s Favorite Things

It is no surprise that Paige is obsessed with the pink edition of the CAMEO 3. Her aesthetic is colorful, bright, and bold, so that machine totally fits with her personal style. Aside from her love for the CAMEO, she really loves the process of making layouts. Doing so is therapeutic and satisfying to her. We all know that feeling! 

She also loves the friendships that she’s made in this industry. She has met people from all around the world who share her same passion for scrapbooking. 

Lastly, she loves all the time and effort that she places into making layouts is for her kids. Scrapbooking has helped her document her family’s precious memories. 

Advice To Others

When it comes to scrapbooking, bookbinding, and making mini albums, Paige wants you to remember to “JUST HAVE FUN. Don’t worry about if you’re doing it right. There is no right. It’s art for you and your family, and if it makes you happy, GREAT! No stress!” Paige had also reminded us to “embrace the imperfections.” Not everything will be perfect, but that is what makes these layout more special.

To learn more about Paige Evans, follow her on Instagram and YouTube. To purchase her amazing cut files, click here and here.