If you’re running low on ribbon, never fear! These paper bows are easy to make and look adorable atop any gift! Make them in your color paper of choice.

Supplies Needed:

This design is a layered bow; however, you can easily just make it one layer by omitting the second layer. The video shows a one-layer bow, and the photos below show a two-layer bow. It’s up to you!

Step One: Prepare and Cut Design

1. Insert your design into Silhouette Studio®. You can ungroup the design to separate the pieces if you’d like to do two different colors.

2. Cut out the pieces in the colored paper(s) of your choice.

Step Two: Assemble the Bow

1. If you are doing the layered bow, glue the coordinating pieces on top of one another.

2. With scissors, curl the pieces so that they are easy to fold inwards without creating creases in your paper.

3. Now bring each of the bow loops to the center and glue the loops in place. Create a loop with the rectangle to create a bow center. See the photos below.

4. Layer the pieces and glue them together. Position the bow on top of your present and adhere it in place. Now you can add bows to everything!