We came across a photo of a fresh citrus wreath on the internet and knew immediately we needed to create a paper version! We chose a color palette of peaches and teals for a fresh take, but you could easily go more classic with true oranges and greens, which would be perfect for the season!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Preparing the Leaves

1. Insert Design ID #227130 into Silhouette Studio®. Ungroup the design by right-clicking and selecting Ungroup. Delete all the designs aside from the two clusters of leaves.

2. Then select the two leaf clusters and select Release in the Modify panel. This will allow you to delete the inner designs, leaving only the outline of the leaf. This is what we want!

3. Decrease the size of the leaves so you can fit 10 to 12 on a 12-inch-by-12-inch piece of cardstock. Send the design to your machine and cut it out of teal paper or another color of cardstock you choose. Remove the cardstock from your machine, score the leaves down the center to fold slightly, and set the leaves aside.

4. We are going to cut out one more set of leaves, using the first designs as a template, but we are going to remove the stems. Using just one of the leaf clusters, select the Knife tool and select “solid” and “freehand.”

5. Then use the Knife tool to “cut” off two leaves from the stem with the knife tool. This allows you to easily separate the leaves.

6. Size the leaves to be between 2 and 3 inches tall and fill an 8.5-inch-by-11-inch sheet with them. Send to the machine and cut one page on regular cardstock—I used a darker teal color. With the second sheet, peel off the liner of one sheet of double-sided adhesive and adhere a piece of dark teal paper to it. Send to the machine and cut with the double-sided adhesive settings, making sure your paper is right-side up, and the liner to the adhesive is facing the mat.

7. Set your leaves aside and cut 30 lengths of 4- to 5-inch-long wire. Remove the liner from the double-sided adhesive and sandwich a piece of wire between a sticky leaf and a plain leaf. Smooth with the scraping tool.

8. Once you’ve sandwiched all your leaves, add some veins with a white marker if desired.

Step Two: Preparing the Orange Blossom

1. Insert Design ID #28193 into Silhouette Studio®. Ungroup the design by right-clicking on the image. We’re going to make the petals pointed using the “Edit Points” tool on the left side panel. Double-click on the flower so the points are visible.

2. Using point editing, pull out the point on the tip of each petal to make a sharper petal tip as opposed to the rounded tip. Use the side bars to gently maneuver the petal to get the desired shape. You’re welcome to omit this step and use the original petal shape if desired! Orange blossoms just tend to have a slightly pointed tip.

3. Once you’ve got your flower the shape you like, resize the flower to be about 1.4 inches in diameter and the centers about 1 inch in diameter.

4. Cut out about 20 flowers on white paper and about 40 centers on yellow. Each flower needs two center pieces.

5. To assemble the flowers, curl the petals slightly with scissors and pinch the base of the center stamens so they point up. Hot glue two stamens to the center of the flower. Attach a 4- to 5-inch piece of wire to the flower base.

6. Gather 3 flowers and 4–5 leaves together and wrap with floral tape to make small bundles. Make 3 small bundles with flowers and then make a few more remaining bundles with just leaves.

Step Three: Assembling the Oranges

1. To create the oranges, make a circle using the shape tool in Silhouette Studio®. Press down the Shift button to create a perfect circle. Then create a dashed line running through the center of the circle to act as a fold line. Group the design

2. There are 3 sizes of oranges in the wreath with diameters of 2.5 inches (large), 2 inches (medium), and 1.5 inches (small). Each orange requires 6 circles. Cut 42 large circles to make 7 large oranges. Cut 30 medium circles to make 5 medium oranges, and cut 18 small circles to make 3 small oranges.

3. To construct the oranges, fold 6 circles of the same size in half and glue one half of the circle to another another half of a circle with a glue stick. Slip a leaf stem inside before you glue the last segment in for some of the oranges.

4. Repeat for all your oranges.

Step Four: Assembling the Wreath

1. Fold a piece of tissue paper into a thin strip and weave in and out of your wire wreath frame to act as a base for your oranges. I used 2 pieces of tissue paper to go all the way around.

2. Then fill the wreath base with your paper oranges, using a hot glue gun to secure the oranges to the tissue paper.

3. Now add it your leaves and flower bundles and secure with glue and the wires. Add extra flowers and leaves as desired. Hang up and enjoy a burst of citrus!