Today we are going to make a paper nasturtium flower. We love making paper flowers and cannot wait to see how you use yours. You can make these as a print and cut or paper pieced. We chose to do ours with cardstock and even added a little personal detail by using some makers for shading and accent.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Open Design in Silhouette Studio®

1. Open the flower design (ID #293398) in Silhouette Studio ®.

2. These flowers come layered, and for cardstock, we need to ungroup them and place them in the cut window by color.

3. You will have to ungroup the layers from the entire design and then the smaller details on top of the petals and leaves.

Step Two: Send to Machine

1. Place the cardstock on your cutting mat and load it into your machine. Send to machine using the corresponding material (cardstock) settings.

Step Three: Assemble Flower

After all the pieces have been cut, begin the assembly process.

1. Start by gluing the smaller detail pieces of each petal onto the larger petal piece. Repeat the same for the small spider looking pieces – glue them onto the larger leaf piece.

2. Take the yellow star shape and fold them on the crease line.

3. Then roll the small fork looking piece.

4. Glue a flower petal onto each arm of the yellow star piece and then glue the rolled center into the middle.

5. Now take your floral wire and pliers, roll the end of the wire around your pliers, and create a little hoop.

6. Place a little hot glue onto the end of the stem and adhere your leaf or flower.

And done! Now you have a bright and fun centerpiece for a summer party! Where will you use your paper nasturtium?