My little one is turning the big O-N-E, and party prep is in full swing. To say that my Silhouette has helped A LOT in the party prep department would be an understatement. My CAMEO is one party-planning machine! I should pay it for all its hard work, ha! Today, I am totally excited to show ya’ll everything that my Silhouette has done so far to help me get ready for my babe’s big day.

Supplies Needed:

First, a party isn’t a party without a good party hat! I used the classic party hat design by Samantha Walker (Design ID#4553) and then added this cute tissue paper festoon! I think the hats turned out so cute, don’t you?!

Then I really wanted to have some fun color to all my wooden silverware, but it turns out I didn’t have any painters tape. Silhouette to the rescue! I cut little strips of Silhouette vinyl, about a 1/2 inch by an inch, and VOILA! Each piece of silverware was wrapped with the thin, rectangle piece of vinyl and painted. When the paint was dry, I simply peeled off the vinyl, revealing a perfect line of color blocking color!

Next on my party to-do list was paper chains—ya know, those classic paper chains made of links of paper? I wanted to make a HUGE backdrop of them! I’m talking HUNDREDS of paper chains, and that meant I needed hundreds and hundreds of paper strips. My Cameo didn’t even break a sweat cutting strip after strip of craft paper.

To make the strips perfectly even, I divided up a 8.5 x 11 page in Silhouette Studio®, into 1/2 inch strips, so that gave me about 11 strips per sheet of craft paper. I then simply made a circle with one of the strips of paper and started linking other strips of paper by connecting the other paper rings. You know how paper chains go, I’m sure 😉 But I made oodles upon oodles of loooooong and beautiful paper chains to make the funnest backdrop on the big day!

As you can see, parties are most definitely made easier with Silhouette. The Silhouette Design Store is filled with beautiful designs to make every party special.

This blog post was contributed by Brie Zacher. Follow her for more inspiring Silhouette projects.