If you’ve ever thrown a bridal shower you know how much fun, yet stressful it can be. Let’s see if this roundup of ideas using the Silhouette Mint™ can help simplify it for you. This nifty, little personal customized stamp maker can cut some serious corners when planning a gathering.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Everyone likes to make gifts special, from the gift selection itself to the presentation. I wouldn’t even want to disturb the paper on this beautifully wrapped gift!

With eighteen different Mint Ink colors to choose from, your custom-made stamp can be any color(s) you want so you can keep with the color scheme of the shower.

For more stamped wrapping paper ideas, check out this idea. For a full how-to video about making your own wrapping paper, watch it here.

Stamped Gift Tags

How about a matching stamped gift tag to go with that custom wrapping paper?

Try using Faux Leather Paper or wooden tags for different textures, like these Christmas gift tags were made.

Custom Stamped Candy Stickers

Although these stickers are Halloween themed, remember you can choose any design in the Design Store to make a stamp. The bride’s monogram of her first or soon-t0-be last name, perhaps?


Stamped Wooden Coasters

You’ll be serving drinks, right? Well, then you’re going to need stamped wooden coasters for them, of course.

Again, a monogram or a quote specific to your friendship with the bride would be great on these coasters.  Loads of possibilities.


Have we inspired you yet? Best of luck on throwing your bridal shower!