Temporary Tattoo paper is fun to create with and even easier to design with when you use ready-made Print & Cut Shapes from the Silhouette Design Store.


My daughter and I made these ice cream tattoos over Spring Break. (We actually made lots of projects over Spring Break.)  These tattoos were created in between making clay animals and Rainbow Loom baskets.


Yes, you read that correctly, Rainbow Loom baskets, not bracelets. She’s  definitely an overachiever.


You Will Need:


Print N Cut Sundae Tattoos



Step One: Resize and Print Design


If you’re looking for party favors ideas or ways to show your team spirit, creating customized Temporary Tattoos with your CAMEO is definitely the  way to go!


(Or if you’re like my daughter, any excuse to eat ice cream and make tattoos is a total win too!)


To make these Ice Cream Tattoos:


(1) Change the Design Page Settings to Printer.

(2) Select a Print & Cut design (Ice Cream Sundae Toppers – Design ID #46528) from the  Silhouette Design Store.

(3) Mirror the designs

NOTE: This is really important to do, otherwise your tattoos will be backwards!

(4) Turn on registration marks and resize designs to fit.


To not waste the whole sheet of tattoo paper, I  duplicated the shapes to fill up the space between the registration marks. Once you’re happy with your design:


(5) Click the print icon to send the design to your personal printer.


tattoo transfer



Step Two: Apply Adhesive Sheet


After, the design is printed and the ink is dry: 


(1) Carefully apply the tattoo adhesive sheet over top of the printed images.

(2) Use the Scraper Tool to rub the image sheet smooth and remove any air bubbles.


Cutting Tattoo


Step Three: Cut Tattoo Paper


(1) Load the tattoo paper in to the Silhouette CAMEO®.

(2) Adjust the setting for tattoo paper.

(3) Send to Silhouette Studio®.



Step Four: Apply Tattoo


Eating Ice Cream


After your tattoo shapes are cut out:


(1) Remove the plastic adhesive layer.

(2) Carefully apply a tattoo adhesive side down and blot with a damp towel.


Transfer Tattoo



Like my daughter’s two-toned neon orange and pink  nails? Painting nails various colors was also a popular activity during the week of Spring Break.



After your tattoo is applied, make yourself an Ice Cream Cone and show off that Ice Cream Tattoo!



Eating Ice Cream 2