Ahhh, spring is right around the corner. I’m going to be completely honest here… spring is my favorite season! I love walking outside and hearing the newly hatched birds chirp. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing again and it seems as though the earth is waking from a cold winter slumber. So why shouldn’t we wake up our spring attire as well? Refreshing your spring wardrobe can be done in as little as 5 minutes with your Silhouette and Heat Transfer Vinyl. A simple graphic tee can make a huge statement with any outfit. Silhouette Design Store has got you covered! We’ve got tons of amazing phrases and current popular designs that are super affordable. I’m talking less than a dollar affordable. Choose your favorite and you’ll have a great tee in minutes.The best part is you won’t have to spend hours creating the perfect design, the work has already been done for you.

The designs featured here were a couple of my favorites they are:

Hello Sunshine by Loni Harris, Design ID # 131384

I love that it can be worn all year round,  but I think it’s perfect for warm sunny spring days.


Revamp your wardrobe Easily in 5 minutes using Silhouette Heat Transfer Material and a CAMEO

Bless this Hot Mess Phrase by Kolette Hall Design ID #157888

If you’ve never felt like a hot mess, you’re doing better than I am. I’ve felt like one a LOT lately, so this fits me just right. Hopefully someday I’ll have it all together.


One of the awesome features of buying designs from the Silhouette Design Store is the ability to resize the images to be the perfect size for your project inside of Silhouette Studio.


Silhouette offers eight different types of Heat Transfer Material. And some come in multiple sizes. To help you decipher which type you’ll need, I’ll explain a little about each.

If you’ve never heard of Heat Transfer Material, it’s a material, usually vinyl, that is applied to your project by fusing it with heat (an iron or a heat press). Once the heat is applied, the design stays put even through tons of washes. It’s very resilient and looks professional. Heat Transfer Material is very popular with clothing, bags, pillows and other home decor, and many other fabric based projects. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. A great tutorial and starting place if you’re new to Heat Transfer Material is a basic Heat Transfer Custom Throw Pillow. You’ll see just how easy it is to work with these amazing products.

*My tip for the day* When working with heat transfer material, don’t forget to flip your design so it looks backwards before cutting . This is easy to do. I usually just right click on the design and select “flip horizontally”. Done and ready to print! 

Smooth Heat Transfer

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

Smooth Heat Transfer is probably the most widely used of all of the Heat Transfer materials. And as you can see, we offer a great variety of colors. Smooth Heat Transfer has a smooth matte surface and is very versatile.


Photo Credit: Kim W.

Glitter Heat Transfer

When I think of glitter, I think of lots of mess to clean up. My hubby’s even banned it from our house. But with Glitter Heat Transfer, there is no glittery mess to clean up. You get the total look of sparkle on a semi-smooth heat transfer material that is so beautiful when finished.


Photo Credit: Dawn W.

I’ve used Glitter Heat Transfer a lot and I love the look. Aren’t these sparkly Glitter Confetti Pants just so cute?

Flocked Heat Transfer

Flocked heat transfer has a soft, furry fuzzy feel. We’ve got several great colors to choose from.

Photo Credit: Analisa

I’m in love with this adorable flocked dinosaur tee! Isn’t it so fun?  You’ll love the surprise on the back!


Printable Heat Transfer for light or dark fabrics

Photo Credit Carrie Christenson

Print just about any design in multiple colors and press your images on to light or dark colored fabrics. You can buy printable heat transfer in packages of 5 sheets designed specifically for the type of fabric you’ll press it onto; light or dark. This lovely embroidery hoop art combined a favorite saying with a gorgeous spring flower photo using printable heat transfer for light fabric.

Silhouette Printable Heat Transfer Material For Light Colors- easily create custom graphic Tees with your Silhouette

Printable Heat Transfer for Light Fabric

Silhouette Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics

Printable Heat Transfer for Dark Fabric

Reflective Heat Transfer

Silhouette Reflective Heat Transfer Material- refresh your wardrobe

Photo credit: Silhouette

Reflective Heat Transfer is perfect for backpacks, fitness outfits, and even parties.

In daylight it has a white-ish/silver-ish look. In dark situations it reflects the light that shines directly on it.

Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer

Photo Credit: Analisa

Just as it sounds, Glow-in-the-Dark Heat Transfer glows when the lights are out. Learn how simple creating a Glow-in-the-Dark Batman Cape is in an amazing tutorial by Analisa. From monster eyeballs to superheros there are so many glowing possibilities!


Photo Credit: Analisa

Metallic Heat Transfer Material

New! Silhouette Metallic Heat Transfer

Our newest addition to the Heat Transfer family is Metallic heat transfer. When applied it’s super shiny and so fun. Think how fun it would be to have metallic shamrocks and pots of gold. Metallic graphic tees are all over the place right now. So try it out and make one (or three) for yourself.

Have you already tried heat transfer material? Which designs and heat transfer materials are your favorites?