Let’s be honest here….. Date night is fun, but sometimes it’s a CHORE to pick the activity. We scoured the internet for the best ideas. We want to make date night sizzle again. Have we got your attention now? Grab your CAMEO and let’s get to work!

Idea One: Adventures Saving Jar

This cute jar is meant to save all of your change in to use on adventures. I thought of two different ways you could incorporate this jar into date night. The first way is to decorate the jar together! Use decor or sentiments from your wedding or a significant day in your lives. Another way would be to base your date off of how much money had been saved in the jar since last date night. This would force date night to get really creative if there was $5 in the jar. This idea would most definitely add some adventure to the night! Find the tutorial here.

Idea Two: Frosted Glass Winter Luminaries

Make some luminaries and cuddle up in the dark for your next date night. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t winter, just pretend like it is! Turn on the AC, make some treats, grab a blanket, and see where date night leads. Make your luminaries here.

Idea Three: UV Light Fabric Ink Tee

These UV light tee shirts can take you one of two directions. Go cosmic bowling or stay home. Or do both. Your choice. Either way, date night will be fun and mysterious with these tee’s. Want to get even more creative? Make decorating the shirt part of date night. Swap shirts and surprise your partner with the whatever design you think they would like! Tee tutorial here.

Idea Four: 3-D Foiled Airplane

Let’s be kids again! Make 3-D airplanes (that really do fly!!!) and find a fun place to test them out for date night. This idea wouldn’t take much planning and would be a blast. You could even involve the kids and make a family date night out of it. Build your airplanes here.

Idea Five: Heat Transfer Custom Throw Pillow


Our take on this pillow is to add a sentimental phrase that means something special to you both. If you’re married it could be your wedding song.  Or you could go the extra mile and write out I love you and trace and cut that out of Heat Transfer.  Any of these ideas would look ADORABLE on a pillow and would absolutely make things for lovely date night. Make your date night pillow here.

Idea Six: Conversation Heart Balloons

This idea doesn’t just apply to Valentine’s Day. Swap out some of those lovey dovey hearts and put “favors” on them instead. I’m thinking…. 10 minute back rub, foot rub, (I like massages can you tell?), do the dishes, I’ll put the kids to bed tonight, let’s have dinner. The sky’s the limit here. This will take some planning and preparation but will be well worth it. Make your conversation/favor hearts here.

Idea Seven: Etched Glasses


For date night let’s get crafty, and then let’s relax with a glass of wine or sparkling cider to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Etch the glasses with a design or saying that is significant to you and your relationship. Then make this night all about talking and catching up, just the two of you. You could even throw some luminaries into the mix! The pillow idea would compliment this night perfectly too. Find the etched glass tutorial here.


Are you looking forward to date night now as much as we are? Now that you have the tools, make it special. With a little planning and crafting, amazing things just might happen. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!