Connect to Machine

In order to connect to the machine, you will need to make sure that both your Silhouette device and your mobile device have Bluetooth® switched on.

Connecting to your machine

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth® is switched on on both your mobile device and on your Silhouette machine.
  2. Press “Scan for Devices” if you can’t see your machine in the list.
  3. Select your machine from the list (if you still can’t see it, please see the “Connection Troubleshooting” section below.)
  4. Press “Continue” to move to the Machine Setup and Send instructions.

Connection Troubleshooting

If you can’t see your machine, please double check that the Bluetooth® is switched on on both your mobile device and Silhouette machine. Instructions for switching on Bluetooth® are below.

On the Cameo 4 machine

  1. Power on the Cameo 4
  2. Press the Bluetooth® touch button. The button will light up in blue when switched on.

On the Cameo 3 machine

  1. Power on the Cameo 3
  2. Select the gear icon in the Upper Right of the touch-screen
  3. Scroll down using the down arrow
  4. Select the Bluetooth® option
  5. Select the On option
  6. Select the back arrow several times to return to the main loading screen

Please note: Not all Cameo 3 machines are Bluetooth® enabled. If you believe this is the case with your machine, please see the following link for information regarding suitable Bluetooth® adapters: How to connect Bluetooth for Cameo 3

On the Portrait 2 and Portrait 3 machines

  1. Power on the Portrait 2 or Portrait 3
  2. Press the Bluetooth® button. A blue light will display when Bluetooth® is switched on.