Select the machine that you’ll be using for the job.

Choose from

  • Cameo 3
  • Cameo 4
  • Cameo 4 Plus
  • Cameo 4 Pro
  • Portrait 2
  • Portrait 3


Use the filters to select the material type you wish to use. Select the specific material from one of the filtered lists or use the search bar to find it.


Select either Cut or Sketch as the action you wish to perform.


Select the tool you wish to use for this project.

If you have chosen the action “Cut” then you can choose from:

  • AutoBlade (automatically adjusts to the correct blade depth)
  • Blade (formerly Ratchet Blade)
  • Deep-Cut Blade

If you have chosen to sketch, then only the Sketch Pen option is available. Other pens can be used with the Silhouette Pen Adapter tool (sold separately).

Mirror Design

Toggle allows you to mirror the selected design quickly and easily. This is particularly useful when cutting some types of Heat Transfer Material (please read the product packaging to determine whether mirroring is required).

Action Preview

Once you are happy with the Material, Action and Tool settings, proceed to the Action Preview to see how the design will be cut.