Back to Library

The Library will display all designs that are compatible with Silhouette Go.

Merge Files

Use this button to merge another file from your Library or Device.

Undo / Redo

Any action taken, including simply moving an image, may be undone. To back up to the previous action taken, click the Undo button. If you back up slightly too far, use the redo button.


Any two sets of lines can be grouped together so they are fixed in their relative positions, even if moved, by using the Group option. To use the Group option, select two or more images at the same time and tap the Group icon.


Any image that contains more than one line set can be ungrouped so that parts of the image may be treated independently, removed, rotated, resized, or otherwise manipulated rather than having to manipulate the image as a whole. To ungroup, select a grouped shape and tap the “Ungroup” icon.


Use this button to mirror a shape.

Print & Cut

Add Registration Marks to your design so that it can be used to create designs that are printed first and then cut out. Make sure your media size on screen is the same as the print media size, then press “Continue to Print & Cut” to print your design.

Snap to Grid

Snaps shapes to 1/16-inch increments when moving them.

Choose Machine

Change your default machine from the Arrange screen, and the app will choose a mat and media size to fit.