Hi Everyone. Marni here! I’m super excited to be sharing a Silhouette Mint™ project today. I love print design and have been an avid stamper and stamp collector for years.  So, I was beyond excited when Silhouette decided to come out with a custom stamp-making machine. Yay!


3 stamps


I have a busy four-year-old son and spend a lot of time keeping him organized.  I can’t stand it when he misplaces his stuff, so I date and write his name on everything. I recently used the Mint to make custom stamps to keep his things in order. (My husband says I’m a little Type A . . .).


You Will Need:

  • Mint inks (in preferred colors)


Materials extra


This tutorial will be based on making the Date stamp. To make the other stamps, simply change the font and the stamp kit setting, then repeat Step One through Step Three.


date stamp


Let’s get started!


Step One: Design Your Stamp


(1) Sketch designs in a notebook and create the look you want.

(2) Browse around the Silhouette Design Store for fun fonts to use. For the date stamp, the font I chose is called “Am Playful.”

(3) Open a new file in the Mint Studio™ “File > New” and select the 15 mm x 60 mm stamp setting on the right hand panel.

Step 1.1




(4) Open the text styles window and locate the “Am Playful Font.”

(5) Use the text tool and type the desired word. In this case I typed “date: _ _ _ _ _ .”


Step1.2 copy


(6) Find the arrow “Select Tool” on the left hand tool bar.

(7) Click outside the design (a rectangle will appear around it) and use the mouse to drag a corner handle to resize.





Step Two: Mint Your Stamp


You are close to finishing your first stamp! This part is surprisingly easy.


(1) Click on the “Leaf Design” on the far right side.

NOTE: When you select “Send to Mint,” your design will automatically mirror itself.

(2) Turn on the Mint and click “Start Mint.”


Step 2.1


(3) Insert the 15 mm x 60 mm stamp sheet into the back of the Mint (the arrow goes in first).

NOTE: You will be tempted, but you do not need to peel the plastic away from the stamp sheet.  


The finished stamp comes out of the front. To adhere it to the base: 


(1) Tear along the perforated line and remove the black rubber stamp piece.

(2) Peel away the paper liner on the stamp base and gently place the black rubber stamp on the adhesive.

(3) Press firmly to set in place.


Step 2.2



Step Three: Ink Your Stamp


(1) Choose a Mint ink color and gently squeeze the ink onto your design.

NOTE: Don’t go overboard with the ink, simply trace your lines/design.


Step 3.1


(2) Blot away any excess ink and then let the ink soak in for about 5–10 minutes.

(3) Stamp away the excess ink.

And don’t forget to stamp the sticky label that is included in the package and stick the label to the white lid.


Step 3.2


And there you go! What will you find to stamp?