Ready for a cuteness overload? We wanted to spotlight Stinking Cute Paper Piecings today on our blog. The artist behind Stinking Cute Paper Piecings is Christy, and we love having her as one of our contributing artists in the Silhouette Design Store®.

Christy has been a life-long crafter; she started as a little girl coloring with crayons. She has been a Silhouette user ever since the Silhouette SD was released. She loved it so much—she still has it to this day! But her favorite machine is her CAMEO. She fell in love with her CAMEO when she was trying to find a machine that had a Print & Cut option. She purchased many machines but was never satisfied. She bought the CAMEO, and it was love at first cut! She was so excited with the quality of the Print & Cut that she contacted Silhouette right away and wanted to start selling the machines. We contacted her shortly after hoping she would submit a portfolio to us to be a designer. That was in 2013, and the rest is history.

Christy loves the Print & Cut feature for scrapbook pages and cards. She is head over heels for the cutesy designs. “The scrapbooking industry went away from cutesy for a while, but I couldn’t. It’s just me. I love it, and I want my designs to make you smile and maybe even giggle when looking at them.”

Christy always wanted to be a mom, preferably a stay-at-home mom. Two years after adopting her baby girl, she found out her 3rd son had PPD-NOS, which required her to make a lot of visits to school to attend to him. Her other daughter was diagnosed at age 2 with severe autism, making working a full-time job difficult. She wanted to find a way to work from home. She needed to bring in income but be available to her babies. With money from her savings, she agreed with her husband that she would take a year to make a business out of her and her mom’s designs. She had been designing her own characters with her mom for their own personal scrapbook pages. And that is how Stinkin’ Cute Paper Piecings was born. Their very first design was a skunk. At that point, Christy and her mom hadn’t thought of any names for the company yet, but Christy loved the design so much she asked her mom about using the skunk as the logo and naming the company Stinkin’ Cute! A few years later Christy teamed up with Kristi (drawn to her through her beautiful artwork), and with Kristi’s and her mom’s help, Christy made her dream of being a stay-at-home mom come true.

Her favorite part of her company is making people smile and being able to work her own hours so that she can be with her beautiful children when she is needed. As an added bonus, she never has to worry about getting time off for her hobbies. like camping, fishing, or riding ATVs.

She loves when customers reach out to her to share what they have made from her designs. “They have made things I’ve never even thought of!” Stinkin’ Cute has 422 designs in the Silhouette Design Store®, and the most popular designs are the Print & Cuts. Go check out her offering and share with us how you are using these stinking cute designs!