We here at Silhouette love to see the unique projects that creators and artists use Silhouette products for, and we were amazed when we discovered Letali Linetzky and her very detailed pixel art. Pixel art is created when an artist breaks down an image into sections and assigns a certain color to each section of the image. The result of this process is small sections of color that make up an overall image.

So how does Letali do it? Before she starts a piece, Letali lays out a grid to map out where each color goes to create the image. Her vision comes together in the end to create one beautiful picture from thousands of tiny colored paper. Each piece has at least 5,000 pixels just to create one work of art.

One day, a client requested a piece from her and gave her the Silhouette CAMEO® to make the piece even more unique. Since then, Letali has continued to use her CAMEO to cut out different layers for her pieces. “I have a lifetime to discover what I can do with the Silhouette making pixel art.”

Letali says that everything in the world can be pixelated, so she loves that she can make pixel art out of anything. “Each piece is like a puzzle or an investigation I have to solve.” One of her most stunning pieces is a portrait of famous Argentine actor Ricardo Darín composed completely from tiny pieces of paper layered to create a composite image.

Letali got her start as an artist at an early age by drawing anything she could get her hands on. Even then, she knew she wanted to create beautiful art. “When I was born, my destiny was to be an artist.” Her artistic style comes from recreating what it means to be an artist and finding new materials to create pixel art.

To avoid getting bored, Letali is constantly changing things up and trying new projects. “It’s nice to have a different experience each time. Each piece of work requires a lot of learning, but it’s a new challenge. And I love a challenge.”

To others looking to create something unique and beautiful for the world, Letali says to “stick to your dreams and do it for you. You have to create for yourself, not for others.”

To see more of Letali’s magic, follow her on Instagram @letaliok to see parts of her process as well as her incredible works of art.