Silhouette Studio® version 4.2 Business Edition has a handy new feature for those who teach or create software videos or tutorials. If you have Business Edition, you can quickly choose which edition you want active.

Go to Help>View In and choose between Business Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Designer Edition, or Standard Edition.

Downgrading here temporarily deactivates the features that are only available in higher editions. If you’re teaching beginners about a feature in Standard Edition for instance, then they will not see the extra features for upgraded editions.

The currently active edition shows in the upper left corner. Instructors and tutorial creators can also quickly see if a feature is available to their intended audience.

When you’re ready to get everything back, simply choose Help> View In> Business Edition once more. You don’t have to find your license key every time you want to switch editions.

Finally, if you want to hide your email address from viewers simply check the option to hide your email address.

This would normally show when viewing your library settings in version 4.2.

We hope you enjoy the new Edition Toggling feature available to Business Edition users of Silhouette Studio® version 4.2.