Is anyone else already planning their Thanksgiving menu? Guilty! Aside from the menu, I like to make the meal really special with a beautiful table setting. These place mats are made with painters paper and a white sketch pen—that’s it! So they’re inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty because you’ll just toss them at the end of the meal! Perfect for a kids table. Adorn with sketched and cut leaves in a rainbow spectrum!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Creating the Place Mats

1. Set your cutting mat size to 12 x 24 inches. Set your media size to 12 by 18 inches or to your desired place mat dimensions.

2. Insert the place setting design and delete the plate design in the center. Orient the remaining cutlery to fit horizontally along your place mat. Increase the size to fill the page—our knife is 10 inches tall, the spoon is 7 inches tall, and the fork is 8.5 inches tall.

3. Then insert the wreath design. Adjust the size to 12 inches wide and center to the page.

4. Now you’re ready to sketch! Open your SEND panel and set your tool to Pen Holder and action to Sketch.

5. Cut your masking paper to 12 by 18 inch pieces, place on your cutting mat, and load into the machine with your pen holder and pen in place. Create as many place mats as you need!

Step Two: Creating the Leaves

1. Insert the leaf design into a new page on Silhouette Studio®. Adjust the size of the leave so they’re all around 5 to 6 inches tall.

2. Ungroup the design and place each leaf in a corner of your page. This will allow you to cut out four from multiple colors of paper at once.

3. Now release the compound path of each individual leaf, to separate the inner design from the outer design. Now open the SEND panel and set Tool 1 to cut all the outside lines of the leaf. Set Tool 2 to sketch with the pen holder all the inner designs of the leaves.

Note: If you are using the Cameo 4, you won’t be able to sketch and cut simultaneously. You must use Tool 1 to do both the sketch and cut actions.

4. Then place 5-inch squares of different colored cardstock in each corner of your mat, load into the machine, and send! This will result in four leaves, each a different color. Repeat so you have a rainbow of leaves.