If you’re looking to give a room a refresh but aren’t quite ready to make drastic changes, dressing up your furniture with vinyl decals is a great way to do it! This mid-century modern dresser got a fresh look with It’s a Small World–inspired shapes in a warm color palette. It’s an easy project with a big impact!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Preparing Your Designs

1. We used 7 decal shapes for the dresser, one for each color of vinyl we used. We’ll start by making the shapes: Insert (1) Design ID #2254, and then use the drawing and flexishape tools to create the additional designs: (2) a circle, (3) a right triangle, (4) two triangles, (5) a square with a triangle cut out, (6) two half circles, and (7) to squares. See photo below.

2. For the designs that include two shapes, you’ll want to overlap the two shapes just slightly and weld them together using the Modify Panel. This will turn the two shapes into one design which will cut out in one piece.

3. Take measurements of your piece of furniture to know exactly how large you should make your decals and how many you should make. We sized ours to be 5.5 inches square. Decide which color you’d like to make each decal.

4. Use the gray space to arrange your designs in Silhouette Studio® how you’d like them to lay on your dresser. This allows you to experiment with the layout and know exactly how many of each design to cut.

5. Now you’re ready to cut your designs on the matte vinyl! Load into your machine, with or without a mat, and cut each shape/color out.

6. Cut close around each shape and weed the excess material.

Step Two: Applying the Vinyl Decals

1. Apply a piece of transfer tape onto each shape and secure with the scraper tool before removing the liner.

2. Prior to putting on your vinyl decals, measure and mark where you want each piece to go with a pencil so you can easily erase. Now lay out onto your piece of furniture and use the scraper tool to adhere.

Voila! A whole new look for a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Plus, you can always remove it if you get tired of it!