Winter is in full swing over here. So we thought we should embrace the cold. Today we are using some winter designs to add the perfect touch to this snow globe card. We just love how it turned out. In fact, it is going to be really hard to give away—that’s how much we love it. Follow along below, and we will show you how to replicate this card yourself!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Organize the Design

  1. Open up Silhouette Studio®. Open Design ID #154939 by locating it in your library. Ungroup the design by right-clicking on the design with your mouse and clicking “Ungroup.” You will want to delete the envelope, all the snowflakes but one, the chipboard piece, the clear acetate design, and the phrase “Let It Snow”. Below are the only parts of the design that you will need. 
  2. Now that we have all the components for the card, we will need to bring our “Snow Cute” phrase. Open Design ID #240058 by locating it in your library.
  3. Next, grab the bottom of the snow globe and the snow cute phrase. We will want to size down the phrase so that it fits in this shape. To resize, select the phrase and then drag the outer corner inward. You’ll notice the phrase begin to shrink. Our phrase fits perfectly when it was 1.019 inches by 0.835 inches.
  4. Now that we have all the components for the card, we are ready to begin cutting out the design.

Step Two: Cut Out the Design

  1. What is so great about this card shape is that everything is color coded. This makes it really easy to gather the shapes and cut them out of the colored cardstock you are using. Sort each shape by color. Let’s first start with white since the majority of the shapes are white. 
  2. Go to the Send tab in the upper right-hand corner. Once you select that tab you will need to adjust your material, action, and tool settings. For this, our material setting is “Cardstock, Plain,” our Action is “Cut,” and out Tool is the “Ratchet Blade.” If you are using the AutoBlade make sure that that tool is selected. 
  3. Place your white cardstock onto your cutting mat and then load it into your machine. Once this is done select Send, and your machine will begin to start cutting out the shapes.
  4. Repeat this step with all the components of the card. For the Snow Cute phrase, we decided to cut this out of metallic vinyl, so you will need to adjust your blade settings when cutting that specific material.

Step Three: Assemble the Card

1. Now that all your pieces are cut out, it’s time to glue them all together. First, let’s start with the ice skate. Take the ice skate shape and glue the boot on top of it. Once dry, glue on the laces. Set aside to dry.

2. Next, take the big snow globe and glue the circle of snow on top of it. Once that is dry then glue the snow mound on the bottom of the circle of snow. Set aside to dry.

3. Now take the bottom of the snow globe shape and transfer your vinyl to the center of it.

4. Now glue that bottom piece to the bottom of the snowglobe. You will want it to overlap the snow mound a little. Take the large circle outline and glue it to enclose the shape. Once dry, add a snowflake or two to the outer edge.

5. Lastly, take the skate and add glue dots to the back of the skate. This will give it some fun dimension. Place the skate in the center of the card.

Voila! You have now completed the cutest card!

Who will you give this card to this winter?