I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching gender-reveal videos and announcements—even random people’s announcements online. They are just so fun and creative to watch. When I had my daughter, my husband and I chose to do a cake gender reveal that had the color of the gender inside! It was pink. And now my daughter is almost two, and boy does time sure fly. Today I am going to show you how to make the cutest gender reveal scratch-off sticker cards with Silhouette’s printable scratch-off sticker sheets.

Step One: Create Your Design

I chose to make a cute sheep gender-reveal card. I found the design that I wanted and inserted it into Silhouette Studio. Below is what it will look like when you insert the file. Since the project we are making is a Print & Cut project, we will have to piece the sheep together like a puzzle. This file is awesome because it already comes colored for us.

In order to be able to piece it back together, we will need to first ungroup the file so that we can maneuver each piece individually. There are a few different ways to ungroup, but one of the ways I am showing you in the picture is to go to Object>Ungroup. Now all of your pieces will be separated one by one.

Take each individual piece and layer them accordingly. For example, the solid pink and teal sheep bodies will be the bottom layer and each piece will go above it. It does take a little bit of organizing and thinking, but I promise it is very easy. If it doesn’t look right, you can just keep shuffling the pieces around until you have your sheep assembled. It always helps to go back to your library so that you can use the designer graphic as a template while you assemble your image.

Sometimes the pieces will need to be adjusted so that you can layer it behind another piece. In the picture below, the dark gray circle needs to go behind the pink sheep face, not in front. In order to do that, simply click on the gray circle, right click with your mouse and choose “send to back.” Now the gray circle will be behind the pink sheep face and the little sheep eyes will emerge.

Don’t forget to group your sheep back together when you are done so that the image will be one piece instead of many smaller pieces. This will make it so much easier to move around, and it will make it easier to Print & Cut.

Now that your sheep are assembled, draw a rounded rectangle by clicking on the icon in the left bar (see the arrow) and dragging the shape until you get the size desired. This rectangle will be the card that your images will be printed on.  My cards are approximately 4 in. x 3 in. but you can make them any size that you desire.

I found two it’s a girl/boy files in the Design Store and I thought they would be perfect to use in this project. I wanted to stay with the same color theme, so I used the color dropper to make the words the same color as the sheep.

Using some fun fonts, I created and typed a phrase inside of the circle that says “He or She?? What Will Baaaby Be? Scratch to See!” and below in parentheses it says “choose your color and see if you’re right.”

Since both of the pieces will say “It’s a Girl”—or whatever the correct gender is—it won’t matter which sheep people decide to scratch because they will find the correct gender either way. Make it a competition and have people only choose one sheep color and see who guessed right. For example, if someone thinks the gender is a boy, they will choose to scratch the boy sheep, but when they do they will find that their choice was wrong. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the blood pumpin’, right?

The final step before you’re ready to Print & Cut is to ensure that your machine will only cut the outer edge of the image. We don’t want the little things inside the rectangle to cut, only the outside. Under your cut settings, click on your image and select “cut edge”; you will see a dark solid red line around the image.

Step Two: Print, Cut, And Assemble Your Designs

For this project, we will be using two different types of media. For the rectangle, we will print the image on white card stock and for the sheep, we will print them on Silhouette Scratch-off Sticker Sheets-Printable.

For a details on how to get a perfect Print & Cut every time, check out this post.

Once you Print & Cut both items separately, it will be time to layer the printed sheep on top of the gender in order to keep it a secret! Lifting up the printed scratch-off sticker can be tricky because if you try to lift it with your nail/finger like a normal sticker, you run the risk of scratching the layer off prematurely. Tip: Slowly bend the paper at the cut crease and use a needle or a small pointed object to carefully lift the edge of the sheep just enough so you can safely grab and peel with your finger.

Place each sheep on top of the “it’s a girl” graphic and voilà!

Now your cute gender-reveal cards are ready for the big party!

Use a coin or similar object to scratch the layer off—kind of like a lotto ticket.

These scratch-off cards are so fun to make, and even more fun to “scratch”! What other types of projects can you make with this printable scratch-off sticker paper?