Maybe you’ve noticed that terrazzo is having quite the moment lately. Terrazzo is a composite material typically used for flooring that’s filled with bits and pieces of marble, quartz, and glass. It looks a whole lot like confetti! These abstract earrings are made with Shrink Plastic and a pattern that gives them a terrazzo-like feel, perfect for a statement accessory.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Printing Your Earring Shapes

1. Within Silhouette Studio®, use the drawing tools to create shapes for your earrings. I made rectangles, circles, half circles, and rainbow shapes. Remember that your shape will shrink to be about three times smaller once it is baked.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to create the rectangle earrings.

2. Select Draw a Rectangle tool. Draw a rectangle with the dimensions 5.251 inches tall and 1.385 inches wide.

3. Select the rectangle and open the Fill panel. Click Fill pattern and select one of your designs mentioned above from Silhouette Studio®.

4. With the Advanced Options, you can increase or decrease the scale or size of the pattern and Pan the pattern so you can adjust which portion you’d like to be visible on the earrings.

5. Next insert a small circle with the drawing tool. Press the Shift key on your keyboard while you are drawing the circle to create a perfect circle.

6. Change the dimensions of the circle to be .238 inches.

7. Move the circle on top of the rectangle near the top. Highlight both shapes and open the Transform panel to center the shaped horizontally.

8. Open the Modify panel and, making sure both shapes are still highlighted, select Subtract. This will create a small hole at the top of the rectangle for the earring hardware.

9. Right-click on the rectangle and select duplicate to create a set of two earrings. Pan the pattern on the second earring in the Advanced options on the Fill panel if desired. This will make the earrings asymmetrical and is optional.

10. Open the Page Setup panel, open the Registration Marks section, and in the drop-down style menu, select your machine to insert the registration marks needed. Position your designs so they are inside the registration marks.

11. Feed your clear shrink plastic into your printer. Make sure the material is oriented to print on the clear side, not the side with the Silhouette watermark. Print your designs.

Step 2: Baking Your Earrings

1. Lay your pieces out on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Bake your plastic pieces according the directions on the shrink plastic. Tip: It’s helpful to bake each shape separately because the different shapes react differently in the oven. The earring pieces will shrink to about a third of their original size.

2. Have a smooth, flat object on hand to press the shapes flat as soon as you take them out of the oven if they have bent or curved up.

3. Once the designs have cooled, use needle-nose pliers to connect jump rings through the small holes. Make combinations with different shapes or just use one shape for each earring. The possibilities are endless!

4. Then add the fishhook earring pieces with the needle-nose pliers.

Voila! Your new statement earrings are sure to put the finishing touch on any outfit.