Glyphs are a new feature in Silhouette Studio® versions 4.1 and up for those who have upgraded to Designer Edition or higher. You find glyphs in the second tab of the Text Style panel.

You can adjust the size of the preview at the bottom, and when you hover your mouse over the glyph, it gives you an even larger preview.

Glyphs are great when you’re looking for fonts that may have special characters. Check out all the designs you get with this dingbat font called LW Birthday Dingbats!

The glyph is placed on your page. You can add to the line of text or create a new text box for another glyph.

Resize, recolor, and reposition as desired.

This is great for fancy script fonts that may have extra flourishes too.

Finally, you also have “Recently Used Glyphs” you can choose from so you don’t have to search for them again.

Enjoy using the Glyph feature in Designer Edition and higher of Silhouette Studio®!