Decorating a home never stops, am I right? Well, if you haven’t thought to use your Silhouette to make something really cool to add some style to your home, you should!

If you can look past my dust and the many, MANY other things in the background that need painting or replacing, I will bring you into the one room in my house, my dining room, that has been updated since we moved in earlier this year. This house is so very 90’s that it’s almost back in style. But…it’s not my style so we’re slowly renovating and updating.

There are 5 things in this room that were created with the help of either the Silhouette CAMEO® or the Mint™. Can you spot them?

(P.S. Don’t zoom in. I’m famous for hanging empty frames or leaving the “fake” people in them for like a really long time.)



Painting With Vinyl


One of my favorite projects was building a cedar box for my dining room table. I personalized it by putting our wedding date in black vinyl Roman Numerals on the side. The black wasn’t working for me so I white-washed the whole thing (brushed it with watered-down white paint).

After the paint dried I peeled the black vinyl off and I love the result! It’s subtle but still a great conversation piece at the dinner table.

Vinyl Designs In Unexpected Places


Speaking of dinner table conversation…Flamingos are so 2016. Let’s get ready for the new year with the peacock!

I purchased this plain white shade from that big Swedish home store full of cheap furniture and accessories with the funny names. I can’t remember the name of this particular shade, but it was probably TRISGURSGI, or something similar.

By applying the vinyl to the inside of the shade you can see it boldly as you look up from the table. When the light is on, or the sun is shining through, you can see the shadow of the design through the shade. It’s kinda fun.

If this particular design inspires you, I used Design ID #21015 and Design ID #21016 from the Design Store and simply cut them out of black vinyl on my CAMEO®.

If I’m being honest, I will eventually grow tired of the peacocks and switch them out for something else. (Home decorating never stops, remember?) With 90,000 designs in the Design Store I will have plenty to choose from!

Stencil Vinyl


In keeping with the bird theme, here we have some sweet little sparrows I stenciled onto a few plant pots. (Also purchased from that Swedish home store my husband tries to shortcut through every time we go; but I easily steer him back in line with my multi-directional shopping cart.)

Stencil vinyl is as simple to work with as good old vinyl. The difference is after the CAMEO® finishes cutting, you discard the cut design and use the frame of the design to adhere to your project.

I used Design ID #78791 and liquid chalk to color in the bird designs.

Silhouette Mint™ Stamps


Remember this post where I made a stamp and used it in several different ways? Here’s the lamp I experimented with, still lighting up our lives.

I made another easy stamp with just a few straight lines so I could create a cross-hatch pattern on this wooden box. It holds river rocks collected while on family vacations around the country.

And that’s a wrap for this room. On to the next!

How have you used your Silhouette machines and products to beautify your home?